25 things about me

1. When I was nine or ten, my babysitter slammed my right ring finger in a door and cut off the tip.
2. I had surgery in May 2012 and I now have a super cool scar on my neck. I look like I won a knife fight.
3. I kickbox. I LOVE it. I feel so badass when I put my wraps and gloves on.
4. I faint a lot. I have fainted so many places - movie theatres, doctors offices, airplanes, gravel roads, in my kitchen, in laundry rooms, etc. I have gone to so many doctors and specialists to find out why. Their answer is always the same - there's nothing wrong with me, I should just avoid things that make me pass out.
5. I have only had one person close to me die. My grandpa died when I was ten, but I haven't lost anyone since then. I am lucky, but terrified as to how I will handle it when it happens again.
6. I went to prom with two brothers - the older Boone in 1997, and the younger Boone in 1999.
7. I was editor of my college newspaper, The Tack, and to this day I think of things I wish I had done differently, or with more guts.
8. Speaking of college - I skipped most of my classes my senior year, and to this day I have nightmares that it's finals week and I am not prepared. Which is ironic, since now I work in a college where I bitch at students for skipping classes.
9. I refer to any non-diet soda as "full throttle". I am trying so hard to kick my addiction to full throttles, but I just cannot.
10. I watch CNN in bed every single night.
11. I think about getting murdered every single day. I assume someone's girlfriend or wife will off me someday. Usually I have these thoughts when I am walking to my door at night - I think someone's gonna put a cap in my ass.
12. On nights when I can't sleep, I turn ESPN on for background noise and I am out within a minute.
13. I refuse to watch anything on MTV.
14. I also can't get involved with The Bachelorette or The Bachelor, Survivor, any of the real Housewives crap or anything where people eat gross things.
15. When I worked in the casino industry, I was constantly working from home, living and breathing my job. After that I said eff that, and now I have the amazing ability to never think about work when I'm not there. I just don't worry about it.
16. I lose at almost everything - board games, bar games, any game - but I will challenge anyone and usually bet on myself. I lose a lot of bets.
17. I started dieting in 2011, and at one point was down almost 100 pounds. The most shocking part of my weight loss journey is that I now don't have to buy XL or XXL tshirts. I don't know why that part is so hard for me to believe, I guess I just assumed I would always wear XL tees.
18. My mom is a cancer survivor, but I think I am more proud of that than she is.
19. I have been to therapy three different times in my life, and even tried hypnotherapy once. I am currently not in therapy and feel the most "normal" I ever have.
20. My brother being overseas was the scariest time of my life - I feel so bad for the families who have to deal with that.
21. I bought a tiny car purely so I will never get asked to drive people around.
22. I absolutely love living alone.
23. I get obsessed with foods, and eat the same thing for weeks. Then I get so sick of it I can't eat it again for months or years (or ever).
24. I have the weakest stomach in the world - but somehow I love Investigation Discovery and vampire stuff.
25. I hate showering. Don't get me wrong, I'm not disgusting and I do it, but I hate it. It's just so much work.

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