Monday, March 14, 2022

Life insurance and other adult things

It seems like as of late, my friends have gone through some bullshit. 
I have one friend in stage 4 breast cancer, going through some rough chemo.
I have another who was just diagnosed with another kind of cancer. 
A lot of my friends have lost parents in the past few years. 

It all gets you thinking. 
Back in November, my uncle died and he had nothing prepared. Luckily there was a life insurance policy for him, nothing big, but enough to give him a proper funeral and burial. 

I decided I needed to get a life insurance policy for myself. I have my group insurance through work, but I wanted something I knew my family could count on in the event of my untimely death (or timely, hopefully). 

I called my insurance agent and he helped me so much - we spent an hour on the phone, him explaining what he thought I should get, but going over all the other options as well. We landed on one, I did the application and he said everything looked good. He said if the underwriters had any questions they would call me. 

A few days later I got a call, and this is how the conversation went:

Him: Hi, I'm working on getting your life insurance policy approved. I'm going through your prescription history and I see you were on Lexapro about a year ago for six months. 

Me: Yes, I was. 

Him: (very awkward silence) ....well do you want to explain that?

Me: (completely thrown off) Oh! Well...I mean, I was going through some family stuff and also I think just the pandemic kinda threw me into a whirlwind and my family practice doctor suggested I try it to see if it helped with my anxiety."

Him: (more awkward silence)

Me: (not being able to handle the awkward silence, I keep talking) I mean, with the election and all the political stuff, I'm the only one in my family who believes the way I do, so I was feeling very isolated and then I WAS isolated with the pandemic and I was just getting up in my head. But I only needed it to get through that and now I don't take it anymore.

Him: Well I also see you are on an anxiety med now. 

Me: (like wtf how does this guy have this information, this feels very invasive) Yeah, when I got off the Lexapro I was a little nervous about things like the holidays, so she gave me one to take for situational anxiety. But there are no refills and I rarely take them. And it's also for allergies and itching, so it serves two purposes.  

Him: (more awkward silence).................well I guess that makes sense. 

Look, I get they need to make sure I'm not trying to get life insurance to kill myself soon. I get that. But that conversation could have been handled with a little more care. Plus, since clearly he had access to everything, he could see the meds hadn't been refilled and clearly I am not taking them anymore. 
THIS. THIS is why people are ashamed to talk about mental health. RUDE shit like this. 

Like I wonder how many people this guy has pushed to get back on anxiety meds because of his rude reaction to their history with anxiety meds. 

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