Monday, September 20, 2021

Lovely things, Gavin's birthday and Homecoming edition

1. Gavin turned 15,

2. New, fresh purple hair. 

3. The week just went off perfectly. Sometimes my obsessive time management skills come in handy. 

4. Having Friday off was perfect and I managed to not break the parade with my job I was given. 

5. Beautiful weather all weekend!! 

6. Class of 99 girls supporting the Street Dance! 

7.  Seeing these three in Glenwood is like a breath of fresh air.

8. Having over 450 people at the street dance.

9. Getting so many high fives, good jobs, was a good night. 

10. And it was a good night because I have this group of support (along with Adrian and Julie)

Monday, September 13, 2021

Lovely things, Quinn's birthday edition

1. Another Husker football win, and a Tom Brady win.

2. Everything for the Street Dance coming together in the most amazing way. 

3. My sister Kate, who helped me make this out of the kindness of her big 'ol heart

4. A night of bonding on an outdoor patio with Jenny and Jaimie.

5. A night of bonding around a (not on fire) firepit with Missy, Emily and Katie.

6. Finishing my 45th book of the year! 

7. A weekend of awesome company.

8. Securing another food vendor for the Street Dance! (Yes, I was whining not long ago about not being able to find even one, and now we have three.)

9. Quinn was born six years ago, which means my life has been so much more amazing for six years. 

10. Aubrey is two now and SO much fun, and she had a blast on Saturday partying hard in Quinn's room. 

Monday, September 6, 2021

Lovely things, Labor Day edition

 1. The start of Fall semester. There's just something great about it. 

2. Securing not one, but two food vendors for the Street Dance, when I legit didn't think we were going to have any

3. All the things I have learned since starting this Street Dance project

4. Seeing Peg's parents after 4 years! 

5. Finishing two books this week (one was an audiobook)


7. Feeling like I am taking control

8. Also, feeling like I was right and I FREAKING told you so.

9. Time to play Cookie Jam.

10. This picture of Aubrey. Look at her little hands!