Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Moving backwards

 It's not news to anyone who is close to me that I didn't handle quarantine and COVID very well. 

I got into a weird depression, even though I've never been like a crazy party animal who went out all the time. 

I take that back. Post 2008, I've not been a party animal who goes out all the time. 

Anyway, I didn't handle the world shutting down very well. And I still haven't really gotten my act together. I would really, really like more time to get my act together, but it seems as though the world is going to shut down soon again. 

As long as I can still have my Street Dance on Sept 18...I'll be okay. 

I need to get back on track, just with consistency, health, setting goals, not taking naps every day, etc. And I can't use COVID and the world shutting down as an excuse anymore. I need to completely transform everything and become a new person. 

You know, no big deal. 

I will be working on this starting Monday, after I get through Hell Week at work and my last weekend before fall semester starts. 

Someone hold me to this, please. 

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