Sunday, August 29, 2021

Lovely things, weekend edition

 1. When an event I planned for months (in this case, New Student Orientation for 180 students) goes off very well. Obviously there are some things to change and tweak, but overall everything went well and it was one of my more complicated ventures. 

2. Finishing an audiobook. 

3. Going to a scary movie with Nick where I am petrified to the point of trying to bribe Nick not to go. But then I go and it's no big deal and even better, it didn't keep me up all night. 

4. Watching Coop and Chan play football, Chan for the very first time!! The rain and wind tried really hard to cancel the game, but it didn't work. 

5. Adult Boji time at West O with just Hannah and Nick.

6. Taco House, because duh. 

7. When I was packing up and getting ready to leave, Chandler told me about a house near them that's for sale so I can just move there. 

8. Getting a two arm, real hug from Cooper without a device in his hand. 

9. Ted Lasso

10. First Day of School Eve - my 12th year in Higher Education! And sixth academic year at Clarkson College. 

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