Wednesday, July 21, 2021

You're awesome

 The other day I was walking on my favorite trail - the Wabash Trace Trail in Council Bluffs. The trail is really clearly marked, a sign for each quarter mile, which I love. This particular day, I was walking down to the 1.75 mile marker so I could turn around for 3.5 miles total. 

I was just walking along (I rarely run anymore, that's an update), listening to my audiobook and a runner started coming toward me from the other direction. I did my usual - friendly wave, say hello. She returned the wave but then shouted "You're awesome!" I giggled because I wasn't expecting that, and yelled "oh my, so are you!"

I couldn't stop thinking about that for the longest time. It made my day. I am awesome. She's awesome. And we all need to tell each other that more often.