Friday, March 19, 2021

50 before 50 - Idaho

I've hit the 40 and a half mark of my life and I have managed to knock three states off my to do list - next up was IDAHO! 

I flew out to see Juana and John - I hadn't been able to fly out there in nearly a year and a half! Damn COVID. The Omaha airport was absolutely packed and then my layover in Vegas was even worse. Even though I'm vaccinated, it still felt so weird being that close to people again. 

We did all our usual activities - pedicures, shopping, going out to eat, my hair - but we spent more time at home this time, which I love. Home cooked meals and bonding time. 

We also had two adventures - we hiked the rock at Beacon Rock State Park in Washington. It was absolutely beautiful, although VERY windy and cold the higher up we went. 

And, of course, as my spoiler alert blog title suggests, we knocked another state off my list by venturing over to Idaho! We drove over, went shopping (there was a TJM right next door to our hotel), went to a fun steakhouse for dinner and spent the night. Did anyone else know Idaho is so so beautiful? I had no idea. 

It was a super fantastic trip, and I was able to just relax, catch up on sleep, read a relaxing and wonderful!