Wednesday, February 17, 2021


Well, the flip to a new calendar year didn't do a lot to change the state of the world. We have a new president, but we still have to hear about that idiot Donald Trump every day. COVID is still requiring things to be closed and shut down. And to really add an eff you to the whole thing, Mother Nature has decided she hates us. It was NEGATIVE 21 yesterday. That was the actual temp, not wind chill. The feel like temp was like -35. It was so cold and frozen that things just stopped working, including myself. I laid down to "rest my eyes" (my Grandma Wilson always used to say that) and woke up four hours later not sure what day or year it was. Insane. 

Anyway. Let's throw some positivity in there. 

I was so so lucky and fortunate to be able to get the first dose of the covid vaccine a few weeks ago. I get my second dose next week. If you know me at all, you know how I do with needles and shots and really anything medical. I took my "pass out kit', which includes candy, a soda, a wet washcloth and something to fan myself with - and I didn't need it!! I used the fan, but it was super hot in the room and everyone was fanning themselves, so I am not counting that against me. I talked with one of my nurse friends and she said to make sure I was over hydrated, so I did that. I was mostly nervous because I typically have to lay down to have anything done to me with a needle and I knew that wasn't an option - but I nailed it!! Now everyone pray it's all okay next week as well. 

My grandparents were also able to get their first doses, which makes me very very happy. They basically haven't left their house in a year. 

Vacation planning
I booked a trip to go out to Juana's next month, and hopefully we are able to road trip into Idaho so I can mark a state of my to do list. I need to get some more fun stuff scheduled for 2021. 

Quinn the diabetic
My niece got diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes a few weeks ago. No, this is not a positive thing, but when you love someone as much as I love Quinn, you have to find positives in a situation that can't be changed. So...this is making Quinn grow up a little faster, but it is kind of adorable to listen to a five year old talk about blood sugars and insulin and carbs. I have learned a lot about the disease in the last couple weeks, and I have cut a LOT of unneeded added sugars from my diet because I think of how Quinn can't eat that stuff.