Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Byeeeee 2020

I've decided the best final entry of 2020 for this old blog is a collection of my favorite photos from the year. Enjoy! 
The Class of 1999 had a mini reunion to celebrate our 40th birthdays. 

2020 boat selfie! 

My littlest nephew Bret turned 4!  

Christmas Eve tradition. I made it out there for about ten more minutes. It was cold this year!

In March when the world went to shit, we put Christmas lights back up to help lift the spirits of the people around Glenwood. 

Girls trip to Decorah, Iowa. 

Aubrey not crying while Gavin was holding her - had to document. 

Very rare girls night this year

My grandparents on Grandpa's 85th birthday - I hate that freaking pitchfork. 

The kiddos on Halloween

Haunted Hummel Park tour

Me and the littlest nieces at Dad's birthday party

Lunch out to celebrate Nicole and Mom's birthday - the world shut down a few days later.

Missy and I in North Dakota

Fancy pants. 

Don't be a grinch.

South Dakota with Miss.

My Street Dance girls.

I love this picture of Alex and Gavin.

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