Monday, July 27, 2020

Last day of my 30's

Whelp, this is it. Tomorrow I start a whole new decade of my life. I'm officially middle aged. How did this happen?

life updates
I still love my apartment, living back in Iowa, and my job. I could do with a little less co-vid, though. A summer without concerts is really no way to live. I haven't been in a movie theatre in so long. All I want is to kick up with a huge tub of popcorn and zone out. I guess I could do that at home, though.

still retired from half-ing
I had this wild idea that I was going to run a half for my 40th year. I got Missy on board. We picked a race. Then I realized I can't run that race because it falls during the week before the semester starts (which is essentially the worst week an academic advisor can take a vacation). Then we picked another race, but it was the same weekend as the street dance. So I really thought about it, re-read all my half marathon entries from my previous three races, and decided I didn't want to do it. Missy is going to, though, and I will be her biggest cheerleader.

my personal challenge
Since I am not doing the half, I am doing a 75 day mental toughness challenge. For 75 days, starting July 30th, I will do this things:
1. Drink a gallon of water a day.
2. Do 2 45 minute workouts a day, one being outside.
3. Follow Weight Watchers. 
4. Do a ten minute Spanish lesson.
5. Take a progress pic every day. 
75 days will take me to October 12th. 

Covid has sucked the life out of so many events, but we are still planning on the 2020 second annual street dance. I am working really hard to not get so stressed about it, not terrorize my friends by talking endlessly about it, and not making my committee crazy by being a psycho. We'll see if I can hold myself to that.