Sunday, April 12, 2020

Things I'm learning about myself during this pandemic

1. I am really out of shape. I need another gym like Farrell's. There is one in CB (a kickboxing type gym, not a Farrells), and once it reopens I'm going to check it out.
2. I talk to myself and make weird sounds A LOT.
3. I don't think I'm a cuddly, huggy person...but I am. I need that in my life.
4. I love to clean.
5. My niece, God love her, is so gross. I saw her today and do you know what her favorite thing to do it? Touch my face. Then touch her face, then lick her fingers, then touch my face again. Oh, and she also loves licking my hands and laughing when I almost puke on her. Oh, and she asked if she can kiss my teeth.

Tomorrow starts my fourth week of working from home. I still haven't quite gotten the hang of it. I was working in my living room, but Thursday of last week I kind of freaked out. I am sick of my living room doubling up as my office. So I moved my work stuff into my spare bedroom.

I am really hoping this comes to an end soon.

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