Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Social isolation

This world is so weird right now. I feel like I should document it in some way. Although there is really nothing new to report.

I get up every morning. I go to work. Which is my laptop, in the living room. I check in with my team, via zoom. Then I work work work work work until 1130a. Somehow, it is so much more work when you're doing it from home. Maybe it's that I don't want my students to feel anything different, so I try to respond to all their needs right away. Maybe it's that I'm terrified my bosses will think I'm not pulling my weight. But at any rate, I work my ass off until 1130a, then I take my lunch break.

For lunch, I've been going on walks and listening to Audible or podcasts. Luckily it's been pretty nice out. Thank God this plague didn't happen in the dead cold of winter.

After my walk, I eat and get back to work. I have been stopping around 330p and going on another walk. Or, this week, a run. Then I come back, finish up anything in my inbox and call it a day.

At this point I've worked out twice, so I shower. Then I sit down to watch a movie. Then I go to bed.

I have read so many things about this thing. I've read we'll be doing all this until June. I've read it will be over by May 1. I've read I may as well not plan on my street dance in September.

I need this to be over soon. So I'm just going to tell myself this is life until May, and then we'll be back to normal. Just agree with me, okay?

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