Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Things I will want to remember about this weird time

Hi, future Jen. Half of the reason I have this blog is so I can go back and read things I've written. I used to be much better about writing and capturing memories here. Now, not so much. But I know I will want to remember things about this, so here goes.

  • The last night out I had was March 13th, when Missy and I went to see the Queen tribute at the Orpheum. Everything with Omaha Performing Arts has been cancelled since that night. So I lost out on seeing Dear Evan Hansen and the Lion King. I'm pretty pissy about that. 
  • The next day, I went to lunch with Nicole, Kate and Mom for Nicole and Mom's birthdays. This was the last time I would eat at a restaurant. I've done take out a few times - Bucksnort like three times, Applebees one night and Texas Roadhouse another night. I did takeout chinese last night and it was pretty terrible. I'm very excited to sit at a table and order off a menu again.
  • On Sunday, March 15th, I got an email from my boss that we should work from home on Monday if we can. I did, and then I went to work on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday that week. Friday March 20th was my last day at work, as we got an email that afternoon telling us to start working remotely. 
  • Since this all started I've been to Walmart once and Target once. I admit, I've been to HyVee more times than were essential. HyVee has one way aisles and stickers all over the floor telling you where you can stand. It is highly, highly annoying to me when people don't follow the rules. I am that person who will stop in your way and glare if you are going the wrong way down a one way aisle. My biggest pet peeve is when people think their space is more important than other people's. Stop it. 
  • I've had more Zoom work meetings that I can count. I would say 3-4 a day since March 23. I've done zoom hangouts with friends, I've done Google Duo calls with my family. I've facetimed with other family members. 
  • I've done some illegal things, too. I went to Glenwood and helped my Dad, Peg, Kate, Gavin and Alex put up Christmas decorations to lift spirits of people in Glenwood. I hugged my niece and my nephews A LOT that day. I've met Missy twice for a walk at Lake Manawa. I had one social distancing fire pit night, and I have another one planned this weekend. 
  • Alex turned 7 during this pandemic. 
  • I've watched Roseanne (the old sitcom), Ozark, so many movies, Waco and SO MANY episodes of 90 Day Fiance. 
  • I've become almost obsessive about keeping my apartment clean. Except my bedroom, which always looks like a teenage girls room. 
  • Missy and I have been giving each other fun little challenges to do during this pandemic. We've done a lot, and my ideas are starting to run dry. We've done creative workouts, magic tricks, drawings, scavenger hunts, etc. 
  • Sometimes I forget to eat until 6pm, or sometimes I eat literally all day long. 
  • I haven't been sleeping well. I tend to sleep very well, almost coma like, on Friday nights. Every other night of the week I toss and turn and wake up a million times. 
  • I am also staying in bed later. Before this, I was usually up and out of bed around 6am, sometimes earlier. Now, I have to actually force myself out of bed at like 730a. Sometimes 745a. 
  • The beginning part of the Stir Cove season has been moved or cancelled. I'm really hoping we are able to be in Stir Cove at least a few times this summer. 
  • I've had to conduct Alumni Association and Street Dance meetings on zoom. We are still planning on having the street dance this September. 
That's all I can think of for now. Starting May 11th, I am going to work one day a week. Then in mid-June, we'll go to two days a week. Hopefully at the end of June we're back to a normal five day a week work week. This is all depending on the outbreak, which doesn't seem to have hit Nebraska/Iowa as badly. 

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Things I'm learning about myself during this pandemic

1. I am really out of shape. I need another gym like Farrell's. There is one in CB (a kickboxing type gym, not a Farrells), and once it reopens I'm going to check it out.
2. I talk to myself and make weird sounds A LOT.
3. I don't think I'm a cuddly, huggy person...but I am. I need that in my life.
4. I love to clean.
5. My niece, God love her, is so gross. I saw her today and do you know what her favorite thing to do it? Touch my face. Then touch her face, then lick her fingers, then touch my face again. Oh, and she also loves licking my hands and laughing when I almost puke on her. Oh, and she asked if she can kiss my teeth.

Tomorrow starts my fourth week of working from home. I still haven't quite gotten the hang of it. I was working in my living room, but Thursday of last week I kind of freaked out. I am sick of my living room doubling up as my office. So I moved my work stuff into my spare bedroom.

I am really hoping this comes to an end soon.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Social isolation

This world is so weird right now. I feel like I should document it in some way. Although there is really nothing new to report.

I get up every morning. I go to work. Which is my laptop, in the living room. I check in with my team, via zoom. Then I work work work work work until 1130a. Somehow, it is so much more work when you're doing it from home. Maybe it's that I don't want my students to feel anything different, so I try to respond to all their needs right away. Maybe it's that I'm terrified my bosses will think I'm not pulling my weight. But at any rate, I work my ass off until 1130a, then I take my lunch break.

For lunch, I've been going on walks and listening to Audible or podcasts. Luckily it's been pretty nice out. Thank God this plague didn't happen in the dead cold of winter.

After my walk, I eat and get back to work. I have been stopping around 330p and going on another walk. Or, this week, a run. Then I come back, finish up anything in my inbox and call it a day.

At this point I've worked out twice, so I shower. Then I sit down to watch a movie. Then I go to bed.

I have read so many things about this thing. I've read we'll be doing all this until June. I've read it will be over by May 1. I've read I may as well not plan on my street dance in September.

I need this to be over soon. So I'm just going to tell myself this is life until May, and then we'll be back to normal. Just agree with me, okay?