Sunday, March 22, 2020

Week 2 - 5 good things

1. I was able to go into work three days last week - probably saving my sanity. I did nothing except go to work and come home, but seeing my co-workers and getting out of the house helped a lot.

2. However, we were told on Friday to work remotely for the rest of the semester. While this isn't awesome, I'm trying to look on the bright side. So...I still have a job, I can do it remotely, and now I can do it in sweatpants.

3. Thank goodness for Facetime and Google Duo. I've been able to see faces over this weekend, and I think we'll be communicating that way for the next few weeks. And maybe even after that, because it is hella fun.

4. I got outside yesterday for quite awhile - completely alone, and I didn't even see another person. But I went hiking for a little bit and climbed through some tall grass and hills. It helped my soul.

5. Nick told me his family is going to watch all the Marvel movies during this isolation sentence, so I decided I am watching along with them. It is so fun to watch all these movies again.

Oh, and I also decided to test out Door Dash...I wasn't sure how it would work at my new apartment. It's amazing, and I had some delicious food from The BuckSnort yesterday. #local

Oh, and I also decided that once this crippling isolation sentence is over, there are some things I will never take for granted again:
Seeing my nieces/nephews
Seeing my grandparents
the gym
Stir Cove
TJ Maxx
Seeing my friends in person
Sitting in a restaurant
I am sure I will continue to add to this list.

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