Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Byeeeee 2020

I've decided the best final entry of 2020 for this old blog is a collection of my favorite photos from the year. Enjoy! 
The Class of 1999 had a mini reunion to celebrate our 40th birthdays. 

2020 boat selfie! 

My littlest nephew Bret turned 4!  

Christmas Eve tradition. I made it out there for about ten more minutes. It was cold this year!

In March when the world went to shit, we put Christmas lights back up to help lift the spirits of the people around Glenwood. 

Girls trip to Decorah, Iowa. 

Aubrey not crying while Gavin was holding her - had to document. 

Very rare girls night this year

My grandparents on Grandpa's 85th birthday - I hate that freaking pitchfork. 

The kiddos on Halloween

Haunted Hummel Park tour

Me and the littlest nieces at Dad's birthday party

Lunch out to celebrate Nicole and Mom's birthday - the world shut down a few days later.

Missy and I in North Dakota

Fancy pants. 

Don't be a grinch.

South Dakota with Miss.

My Street Dance girls.

I love this picture of Alex and Gavin.

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Thank you, President Trump.

 It has been a crazy 3.916 years since Trump was sworn in as President. As many of you probably know, I am not a Trump supporter, even though I was a registered Republican 3.916 years ago. I have since switched my party. 

Just saying I am not a Trump supporter isn't really a strong enough statement. I hate him so much. I don't know how it's possible to hate someone I have never and will never meet. 

Even though these past four years have made my gut hurt and made me physically angry at points, I feel like I am a different person and I do, oddly enough, owe that to President Trump's administration.

1. I am so much more educated on our political system. I keep up on current events so much better, and have done so much research on our Constitution and laws of our land. I have done this because at so many points in the past four years I have had a wild disbelief that this is real life. I also have researched cults to find out why people trust insane leaders. 

2. I have had to take a good hard look at the people in my life. For the Trump supporters (most if not all of my family), I had to put myself in their shoes and try to figure out why they would like this orange faced dictator. I had to remove myself from situations and set boundaries. I had to stand on my own two feet and not succumb to peer pressure. I feel like this has helped me develop a skills set of empathy and knowing that despite insane differences of opinion, it doesn't change a fundamental love of a person. 

3. I have also had to learn to simply ignore some people when they are absolutely wrong, or spouting off information that is one sided or simply untrue. 

4. This presidential administration has made me so much more interested in past presidents and our history with that role as a nation. I have started reading more about first ladies and vice presidents. I love reading about vice presidents who became presidents. I am devouring information on history that makes me wish I had paid more attention in certain classes. 

5. There were many times in the past I labeled myself, quite proudly, as a non-feminist. I think even on this blog I have mentioned that I didn't see myself as a feminist in any definition of the word. However, I knew that President Trump's treatment of women rubbed me the wrong way, so I took a deep look inward. Of course I am a feminist. The definition of a feminist is someone who wants equal treatment of men and women. Who wouldn't be a feminist? 

Monday, November 9, 2020

50 before 50: North Dakota and Montana

 So, as I have already covered, I decided when I turned 40 that I need to see all 50 states before I turn 50. I told Missy about this goal, and she immediately started working on knocking a few off my list - North Dakota and Montana. 

We decided the best time to leave would be right after Election Day, since my family is very pro-Trump and I am very VERY not pro-Trump. Our thought process that was no matter which way the election went, I may need a little space. Little did we know, the Election Day would turn into Elections DayS. So we scheduled our departure for Wednesday November 4th. I left work early and picked Missy up. I had a post it with the states that were still counting votes and who I thought the state would be called for. I mean, that's how CNN keeps track of things too, right?

We headed north and our first stop was in falls in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. However, their must be a drought because the falls weren't very fall-y. But still pretty. I would love to go back when they are more fall-y. Next we went to Watertown, South Dakota to the Terry Redlin Art Center. This was a great stop. The museum is so nice! Our last stop for that day was the Walla Church which was legit in the middle of a cornfield. I have a weird love for churches that also have cemeteries, so this was also a cool stop. However, I think I would have enjoyed it more if it wasn't pitch black because #scary. Next, we headed to Fargo, North Dakota to find a place to eat - we ended up at Lucky 13 to eat their version of the juicy lucy, the juicy lulu. It was probably the best one I've ever had! Then we checked into the hotel, and since the television didn't work, the room was comped! #score During the whole drive we were listening to CNN, and then we were watching it on our phones/ipads - still no election results. 

The next morning we woke up to no election results. We went to Kroll's Diner in Fargo for breakfast and then hit the road for Medora, North Dakota, home to Teddy Roosevelt National Park. But first we stopped in Jamestown to see the Worlds Largest Buffalo. This site also boasted actual live buffalo and for some reason my friend Missy, who hates animals, LOVES buffalo. But alas, we found none. Next we stopped in Bismark to see another statue - the Four Headed Thunderbird - and I saw a TJ Maxx so why would I not stop? And I found a great Rae Dunn piece. 

After that, we made one more pit stop in New Salem to see the World's Largest Holstein Cow. The cow is absolutely enormous and on top of a hill and you could see for miles....but we were in the middle of North Dakota, so not a lot to see. Still, it's always fun to be up that high. 

So at this point, we were in a new time zone and I was thinking to North Dakota the most boring state ever? I didn't think anything could be more boring that eastern Nebraska and we got closer to Medora and Teddy Roosevelt, it became BEAUTIFUL! 

Finally, we hit Medora, which is a great little town...but literally almost everything was closed. We stopped at a gas station and the gas pumps were old school - like where the numbers roll and you can't use a card at the pump. It was amazing. Unfortunately, we were told there that pretty much the entire town was shut down for the season. Luckily the national park was still open so we headed into Teddy Roosevelt. It was absolutely beautiful - we hit it right at sunset. Even Donald Trump acting like a moron and making his stupid, ignorant statement couldn't ruin the ambience. 

We stayed at the Rough Riders Inn. I really liked this place. Not just because of this library, but...kinda.

We walked to one of the two bars in town that were open and serving food, then went back to the room to watch more election coverage. Still no results. Remember how we left town to get away from the election results? At this point we were thinking we still wouldn't have a president when we returned. 

We woke up the next morning to head to Montana. We found a quaint place to eat breakfast, Cabin Cafe, and then headed into Medicine Rocks State Park. 

After that, we ended up driving through a sliver of Wyoming - this was a surprise, I didn't realize we would be hitting another state! 

I've been to Wyoming before, so we just cruised through and broke our way into South Dakota. 

Now, yes, I've been to South Dakota before, but I feel like when you're that close to that state you should ALWAYS spend time there. There's so much to explore. So we headed to Spearfish Canyon first, because last time we were there we didn't get a chance to spend a lot of time there. First we hiked Devil's Bathtub, which was so fun. The trail took you back and forth over a creek and you had to step on rocks to get across the water. I loved it...until, on the way back, I slipped on a slippery rock and fell. And then my foot quit working. Regardless, we went to Roughlock Falls and did that short hike. 

We found a place called Killions for a late lunch/early dinner and they had ranch dressing in a squeeze bottle! It was like they never wanted us to leave. 

We headed to Hot Springs next, and checked into our room for the night. Guess what - still no election results. We worked on our plan for the next day, and I was a negative nelly about going to Mount Rushmore - I was annoyed we didn't have a new president yet. I said I didn't need to go to the park. 

The next morning we drove to Wind Cave National Park, which butts up to Custer State Park and...Missy finally got her buffalo fix. Actually, more than a fix, she should be set for life. I bet we saw 200!! And some were literally inches from us. I have never been so terrified and I am fairly sure I have immediate-onset-arthritis from gripping the steering wheel so hard. 

We stopped to get out and stretch and walk a small trail when my phone started BLOWING UP - they declared Biden the winner!! I got teary eyed and wanted to go to Mount Rushmore. We headed that way, driving by Crazy Horse on the way - still no progress from four years ago, when there was no progress from when I was 16. 

Mount Rushmore! Why was I such a brat, thinking I didn't need to see it again - you ALWAYS need to see it again. 
We stopped in Rapid City next, to grab lunch and walk around to see the president statues in town. Then we hit the road to Badlands National Park - this place is always so freaking beautiful. 

We hit the Badlands at sunset, which means we were driving to Mitchell in pitch black and the wind was a BITCH. Again, immediate-onset-arthritis. 

We stayed at the Thunderbird Inn in Mitchell which was...interesting. But whatever, we were there for 12 hours and Biden was president, so not a lot could ruin the day. It was uncomfortably hot in the room, though, so I got about five minutes of sleep. 

The next morning we went to a diner right next door, and then took a quick drive by the Corn Palace because why not, we were there. Next we headed to DeSmet to see the Laura Ingalls Wilder school, the home Pa built and the gravesites of Ma, Pa, Carolyn and Mary. (Laura is buried in Missouri.) (Yes, I love Little House on the Prairie). 

After that, we hightailed it home - the wind was a bitch, and we were in the car for a long time! We made one stop at the first Casey's we came across because #donuts. 

Thank God I took a few more days off at the end of this trip to recuperate. 

This was the best way to knock two states off my list. I am so thankful to have Missy in my life, who is always up for anything (including adding like 100 miles to our trip so I could look at some headstones). 

Monday, October 12, 2020

It's fall, y'all

 On Friday, Natalie, Michelle, Missy and I left for our road trip to the prettiest part of Iowa. I have been hearing for years that Decorah, Iowa, is like another world when the fall colors hit it. My need for a weekend escape and my love for trees and leaves means this weekend came at the most perfect time. 

Friday morning we took off early, stopping in Walnut, Iowa first for breakfast pastries at Robert's Bakery. Then we drove to Ames and decided to stop at the Reimann Gardens (it's at the Iowa State University campus right by the stadium) to look for Elwood the Gnome. 

After that, we went to Mason City, Iowa and ate lunch at a cute little diner called Susie Q's (great burgers). We also saw the Frank Lloyd Wright house and hotel, visited the Music Man park and saw Rock Glenn Waterfall. 

Next, we went to Nora Springs and hiked to an underpass tunnel that had some super great views of the fall colors and had a tree growing sideways that I couldn't stop staring at. Next, we made a long hall to Burr Oak, Iowa to see the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum (which was closed due to covid), but it was still cool to see. 

After that, we went to a winery where we got to visit with an Amish lady who makes all the food for place, and then we hiked to the Ice Cave in Decorah. Yes, it was dark by then. Yes, I was terrified. 

Then we finally checked into our Airbnb, which was a great four bedroom apartment on the main strip in Decorah. We walked down to Mabe's Pizza and had dinner before calling it a night. 

Saturday we got up early and checked out the farmers market in town - we all bought baked goods - and then we went to Magpie Coffee to have breakfast and meet up with one of Michelle's friends from when she lived in Decorah 15 years ago. After that, we went to Phelps Park in Decorah which was my favorite place to hike and see the views. 

After that, we went to Dunning Springs in Decorah (near the Ice Cave, but we wanted to go back during the day to actually see the colors), the Decorah Fish Hatchery and the Decorah Eagles Nest. 

Next, we drove through McGregor and Marquette to get to Pikes Peak State Park to do some more hiking. This park had a great view of the Mississippi River and I got a bit hypnotized watching the boats. 

Then we crossed the border into Wisconsin and had lunch and walked along the river front, and then moved on to Yellow River State Forest, which was a drive through park with amazing views. We ended the day with beers and apps at Toppling Goliath Brewery and then went home because we were pooped. 

On Sunday, we got up early again and had breakfast at Ruby's in Decorah, which was delicious but is sadly closing permanently in a few weeks. We hit the road back home after that, but made pit stops along the way, of course - Palisades Park, Fort Atkinson, the World's Smallest Church in Festina, a scenic overlook in Eldorado, Strawberry Point and then we found an amazing, rocky hike in Backbone State Park (Iowa's oldest State Park, near Strawberry Point). We also spent some time in Hazleton, Iowa, to check out the Amish way of life, which is pretty quiet and lonely on a Sunday afternoon. 

This was literally the most perfect weekend getaway. Also, our Airbnb had a bidet toilet which has changed my life and now I am uncomfortable on my own home toilets that are just normal. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

50 before 50

So...this goal was made over the weekend...

Visit all 50 states before I turn 50.

I have some work to do.

Monday, July 27, 2020

Last day of my 30's

Whelp, this is it. Tomorrow I start a whole new decade of my life. I'm officially middle aged. How did this happen?

life updates
I still love my apartment, living back in Iowa, and my job. I could do with a little less co-vid, though. A summer without concerts is really no way to live. I haven't been in a movie theatre in so long. All I want is to kick up with a huge tub of popcorn and zone out. I guess I could do that at home, though.

still retired from half-ing
I had this wild idea that I was going to run a half for my 40th year. I got Missy on board. We picked a race. Then I realized I can't run that race because it falls during the week before the semester starts (which is essentially the worst week an academic advisor can take a vacation). Then we picked another race, but it was the same weekend as the street dance. So I really thought about it, re-read all my half marathon entries from my previous three races, and decided I didn't want to do it. Missy is going to, though, and I will be her biggest cheerleader.

my personal challenge
Since I am not doing the half, I am doing a 75 day mental toughness challenge. For 75 days, starting July 30th, I will do this things:
1. Drink a gallon of water a day.
2. Do 2 45 minute workouts a day, one being outside.
3. Follow Weight Watchers. 
4. Do a ten minute Spanish lesson.
5. Take a progress pic every day. 
75 days will take me to October 12th. 

Covid has sucked the life out of so many events, but we are still planning on the 2020 second annual street dance. I am working really hard to not get so stressed about it, not terrorize my friends by talking endlessly about it, and not making my committee crazy by being a psycho. We'll see if I can hold myself to that. 

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Two quotes

I've heard two quotes lately that have hit a soft spot with me so I want to get them written down before I forget. Also, I cannot remember where I heard them, so if you know please let me know so I can give proper credit:

1. There is no "going back to normal". There's only before and after.
2. It's okay if your mental health isn't in check. So far this year you've lived through a global pandemic and a historical revolution.

The world is so heavy and I haven't really been "okay" for months. But that's okay.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Back deck makeover

When I lived in my apartment in Omaha (I lived there for like......nine years. I am a very committed renter. Or I was just way too lazy to move), I had a first floor apartment with a nice little patio. I always wanted to make it a cute little space, but never did because I kept telling myself I was going to move. 
Well, in October, I finally did move. The few pieces of furniture I had on my little slab of concrete went in the trash. My new apartment is on the second floor, and it has a very nice, big deck. But I had nothing to put out there, so I just bought a chair and threw an outdoor ottoman out there and called it a day. 
The other night, though, I decided that wasn't good enough. I often sit out there and listen to my books, so I wanted a better space to do that. 
I looked at a lot of pinterest posts, checked out a lot of sales, and decided to turn this:

Into this:
I am so so happy with it! I got everything from either TJ Maxx or At Home. 

Friday, May 22, 2020

heart strings

My friend Matt does this amazing thing on snapchat where he sends out a random question or thought of the day each morning. It's been since the pandemic started, but I'm hoping he continues this practice for awhile, at least for the rest of our lives.

This morning he asked about childhood moments that seem ordinary, but have a spot in our hearts. I immediately thought of two.

When Dad/Peg first got together, Dad moved into Peg's trailer. So when we were with our dad (which was basically every day due to the way my parents worked out their custody (no lawyers)), it was six kids and two adults crowded into a three bedroom trailer. The boys shared a room, but there were only two of them so do not feel bad for them. There were FOUR girls, and we all shared a room. We got the biggest room, but it didn't feel that way with two sets of bunkbeds. That's all that fit in the room. Two sets of bunkbeds, and there was a closet on one side of the room that you couldn't get into without sitting on the bed. We kept most of our clothes in the bathroom closet.
To say it was crowded was an understatement. But we made it work. But we were also pretty excited when Dad/Peg announced we would be moving to Glenwood (this trailer was in Plattsmouth) and moving into a house.
The house was a say the least. But it was a house. It still was short on bedrooms, but the one for the four girls was much bigger. Thinking back now, I don't even know how we would have split the girls up - Amanda and Nicole were in the same grade, I was a year older and Kate was a few years younger. But that doesn't matter, because us four girls went in together again and the boys were down the hall.
But the night we officially got the house, we went there to do some work. I don't know why this memory sticks out so much in my mind, but we did a picnic dinner there in the mess - we had sandwiches and chips, so it wasn't a fancy meal by any means, but for some reason that night, those sandwiches, all of us crowded into the one livable area of the sticks in my mind.

My other memory was with my grandpa. He was simply the best. While I was at school, he would record cartoon networks so I wouldn't miss any of the daily cartoons. Then, when he got done working and we had all gathered at their house (this was when my parents were still married, so I would ride the bus to the house after school to wait for my parents to get done working) and Grandpa would hit play. Nicole and I would sit for hours in the living room with him, watching the cartoons he recorded for us. He would smoke cigarettes and we would sit on his back, running our sandbox rake toy along his back. He got a nice long back scratch and we got this memory that is making me tear up right now.

I have a lot of other things in my mind right now, but those two always make me smile. And miss my grandpa.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Things I will want to remember about this weird time

Hi, future Jen. Half of the reason I have this blog is so I can go back and read things I've written. I used to be much better about writing and capturing memories here. Now, not so much. But I know I will want to remember things about this, so here goes.

  • The last night out I had was March 13th, when Missy and I went to see the Queen tribute at the Orpheum. Everything with Omaha Performing Arts has been cancelled since that night. So I lost out on seeing Dear Evan Hansen and the Lion King. I'm pretty pissy about that. 
  • The next day, I went to lunch with Nicole, Kate and Mom for Nicole and Mom's birthdays. This was the last time I would eat at a restaurant. I've done take out a few times - Bucksnort like three times, Applebees one night and Texas Roadhouse another night. I did takeout chinese last night and it was pretty terrible. I'm very excited to sit at a table and order off a menu again.
  • On Sunday, March 15th, I got an email from my boss that we should work from home on Monday if we can. I did, and then I went to work on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday that week. Friday March 20th was my last day at work, as we got an email that afternoon telling us to start working remotely. 
  • Since this all started I've been to Walmart once and Target once. I admit, I've been to HyVee more times than were essential. HyVee has one way aisles and stickers all over the floor telling you where you can stand. It is highly, highly annoying to me when people don't follow the rules. I am that person who will stop in your way and glare if you are going the wrong way down a one way aisle. My biggest pet peeve is when people think their space is more important than other people's. Stop it. 
  • I've had more Zoom work meetings that I can count. I would say 3-4 a day since March 23. I've done zoom hangouts with friends, I've done Google Duo calls with my family. I've facetimed with other family members. 
  • I've done some illegal things, too. I went to Glenwood and helped my Dad, Peg, Kate, Gavin and Alex put up Christmas decorations to lift spirits of people in Glenwood. I hugged my niece and my nephews A LOT that day. I've met Missy twice for a walk at Lake Manawa. I had one social distancing fire pit night, and I have another one planned this weekend. 
  • Alex turned 7 during this pandemic. 
  • I've watched Roseanne (the old sitcom), Ozark, so many movies, Waco and SO MANY episodes of 90 Day Fiance. 
  • I've become almost obsessive about keeping my apartment clean. Except my bedroom, which always looks like a teenage girls room. 
  • Missy and I have been giving each other fun little challenges to do during this pandemic. We've done a lot, and my ideas are starting to run dry. We've done creative workouts, magic tricks, drawings, scavenger hunts, etc. 
  • Sometimes I forget to eat until 6pm, or sometimes I eat literally all day long. 
  • I haven't been sleeping well. I tend to sleep very well, almost coma like, on Friday nights. Every other night of the week I toss and turn and wake up a million times. 
  • I am also staying in bed later. Before this, I was usually up and out of bed around 6am, sometimes earlier. Now, I have to actually force myself out of bed at like 730a. Sometimes 745a. 
  • The beginning part of the Stir Cove season has been moved or cancelled. I'm really hoping we are able to be in Stir Cove at least a few times this summer. 
  • I've had to conduct Alumni Association and Street Dance meetings on zoom. We are still planning on having the street dance this September. 
That's all I can think of for now. Starting May 11th, I am going to work one day a week. Then in mid-June, we'll go to two days a week. Hopefully at the end of June we're back to a normal five day a week work week. This is all depending on the outbreak, which doesn't seem to have hit Nebraska/Iowa as badly. 

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Things I'm learning about myself during this pandemic

1. I am really out of shape. I need another gym like Farrell's. There is one in CB (a kickboxing type gym, not a Farrells), and once it reopens I'm going to check it out.
2. I talk to myself and make weird sounds A LOT.
3. I don't think I'm a cuddly, huggy person...but I am. I need that in my life.
4. I love to clean.
5. My niece, God love her, is so gross. I saw her today and do you know what her favorite thing to do it? Touch my face. Then touch her face, then lick her fingers, then touch my face again. Oh, and she also loves licking my hands and laughing when I almost puke on her. Oh, and she asked if she can kiss my teeth.

Tomorrow starts my fourth week of working from home. I still haven't quite gotten the hang of it. I was working in my living room, but Thursday of last week I kind of freaked out. I am sick of my living room doubling up as my office. So I moved my work stuff into my spare bedroom.

I am really hoping this comes to an end soon.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Social isolation

This world is so weird right now. I feel like I should document it in some way. Although there is really nothing new to report.

I get up every morning. I go to work. Which is my laptop, in the living room. I check in with my team, via zoom. Then I work work work work work until 1130a. Somehow, it is so much more work when you're doing it from home. Maybe it's that I don't want my students to feel anything different, so I try to respond to all their needs right away. Maybe it's that I'm terrified my bosses will think I'm not pulling my weight. But at any rate, I work my ass off until 1130a, then I take my lunch break.

For lunch, I've been going on walks and listening to Audible or podcasts. Luckily it's been pretty nice out. Thank God this plague didn't happen in the dead cold of winter.

After my walk, I eat and get back to work. I have been stopping around 330p and going on another walk. Or, this week, a run. Then I come back, finish up anything in my inbox and call it a day.

At this point I've worked out twice, so I shower. Then I sit down to watch a movie. Then I go to bed.

I have read so many things about this thing. I've read we'll be doing all this until June. I've read it will be over by May 1. I've read I may as well not plan on my street dance in September.

I need this to be over soon. So I'm just going to tell myself this is life until May, and then we'll be back to normal. Just agree with me, okay?

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Week 2 - 5 good things

1. I was able to go into work three days last week - probably saving my sanity. I did nothing except go to work and come home, but seeing my co-workers and getting out of the house helped a lot.

2. However, we were told on Friday to work remotely for the rest of the semester. While this isn't awesome, I'm trying to look on the bright side. So...I still have a job, I can do it remotely, and now I can do it in sweatpants.

3. Thank goodness for Facetime and Google Duo. I've been able to see faces over this weekend, and I think we'll be communicating that way for the next few weeks. And maybe even after that, because it is hella fun.

4. I got outside yesterday for quite awhile - completely alone, and I didn't even see another person. But I went hiking for a little bit and climbed through some tall grass and hills. It helped my soul.

5. Nick told me his family is going to watch all the Marvel movies during this isolation sentence, so I decided I am watching along with them. It is so fun to watch all these movies again.

Oh, and I also decided to test out Door Dash...I wasn't sure how it would work at my new apartment. It's amazing, and I had some delicious food from The BuckSnort yesterday. #local

Oh, and I also decided that once this crippling isolation sentence is over, there are some things I will never take for granted again:
Seeing my nieces/nephews
Seeing my grandparents
the gym
Stir Cove
TJ Maxx
Seeing my friends in person
Sitting in a restaurant
I am sure I will continue to add to this list.

Sunday, March 15, 2020

5 good things that happened this week

Dude...things are rough lately. So I am going to start a new Sunday series called "5 good things that happened this week". This series may be continuing or it may last one week. Who really knows?

1. Wednesday night I had a street dance meeting and an alumni association meeting in Glenwood. I love Glenwood. But also I love getting together with ambitious, like-minded people who push me out of my comfort zone and encourage our group to do good things for that community.

2. I ordered a new bed frame from and I was super nervous about putting it together - I almost just paid the $60 for the wayfair guy to come do it. But I put on my big girl pants, pulled out my tool box (which I didn't need, because they literally send everything you need), and did it MYSELF! And I did a damn good job, and now I will be buying millions of more items from wayfair.

3. I had two good RD finds this week - another birdhouse and a pitcher that I've been trying to find for a friend for two years!

4. Missy and I went to see A Night With Queen (I think that's what it was called...) at the Orpheum. We walked in the door and a friend of Missy's exchanged our tickets (which were very good) for even better ones in the FRONT row! It was such a fun night, and I'm glad we had that experience together before everything in the world shut down for the unforeseeable future.

5. Friday was Nicole's birthday (38...I love these 4.5 months where she is only one year younger than me) and Saturday was Mom's birthday. Kate and I treated them to a birthday breakfast. It was some good girl talk.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

New year, new-ish, kinda, but mostly the same, me

It's 2020!
This is the year I will turn 40. This is the year of a new election, a new zip code and another half marathon.

This is the year I need to take better care of myself. My mom is a full out insulin dependent diabetic now. If there's one thing I know about myself, it is that I cannot inject myself with needles. So I cannot follow in her footsteps.

Also, while talking out my ass, I convinced Missy we should do a half. So I need to get back into that mindset, because I have not been for several years.

This will also be the year of setting boundaries. Protecting my wellbeing and space.

My theme of 2020 is going to be Appreciate. I'm going to appreciate what I have, who I have and what I dream to have.