Wednesday, October 30, 2019

October = over

2019 has been a year....I think the theme of my 2019 is just it's been SO MUCH.

I haven't written since July, and SO MUCH has happened since July.

I got a new job, moved offices and completely stepped out of my comfort zone into a new role with a lot of things to learn.

Nick's family moved to Okoboji. #tacos

I moved - finally - into a much bigger, much nicer apartment. I love it SO MUCH.

I successfully put on a street dance in my hometown with a committee of wonderful women - women I didn't really know before this event brought us together, and now I consider them all close friends.

I celebrated 20 years of being out of high school.

I went on vacation to see Juana.

I went to Louisville for a work conference that changed a lot of how I see my job.

I watched my best friend lose her dad.

My grandparents moved into their new house since losing theirs in the flood and getting them settled has been long and difficult.

Oh, and I already put up my Christmas tree.