Tuesday, July 2, 2019


Last week, Missy and I headed to Chicago to see Dax Shepard's live show of his podcast, Armchair Expert. It was such a great experience! I just love Dax and I laughed so much. His guest was David Koechner, otherwise known as Todd Packer from The Office.

We got to Chicago on Thursday, and after we checked into our hotel, we started walking. We found the Chicago Public Library and we walked through that (I just love libraries), and then we magically found our way to Garrett's Popcorn! Weird! After that we got some take out and went to our hotel to watch the debate.

Friday we got up and walked EVERYWHERE - we made our way to Soldier Field, then walked down the lakefront and wound up at Navy Pier. Then we walked into downtown Chicago and found a bar to watch women's soccer. After that, DAX!

It was so so good. If you are a fan of his podcast, I would highly recommend attending a live show.

It was a quick trip, and we headed home the next morning. It was a nice little getaway!

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