Thursday, January 31, 2019

End of January

It's finally the end of January - that was longest month ever. With a lot of work drama mixed in with some family drama and a couple of unwanted guilt trips, I am ready to kiss that month goodbye. But I thought it would be interesting to see how I am doing with my 19 for 19.

19 things I want to accomplish in 2019:

1. Pay off two debts. Not yet - waiting on tax return
2. Go see Juana and John. Juana and I talked and tentatively decided on September. 
3. Be happy more than I'm sad. The last two weeks have been ridiculous. But I would still say I have been happier more than I've been sad. 
4. Sweat more days than I don't. Yes, check. 
5. Find something to celebrate every day. I already have ended this project. I think there is something to celebrate every day, but I don't like to post on my social media accounts that much. So while I am doing this internally, I am not posting it on instagram. 
6. Blog more. I am still not regular by any means, but I do feel good about the amount of blogging I've done this month. 
7. Read more. I did renew my library card and check out two books. Now to just put my phone down and open them up... 
8. Start running again this spring. Check back when we're not in an actual polar vortex.
9. Speaking of running, do a 5k every month with Missy. January - check and February is scheduled. 
10. Watch more musicals. Not done yet. 
11. Listen to more Taylor Swift. Hell yes. 
12. Spend more time outside. When we had unseasonably warm weather the first part of January, you bet your ass I was skipping the gym to be outside. However, the high yesterday was -1. Kiss my ass, winter. 
13. Finish my Baby-Sitters Club blog and sell my BSC books. I am almost there! I also sold the first 75 books in the series. 
14. Move out of my apartment. Not yet. 
15. Spend more time with Cooper and Chandler. I am heading there soon. 
16. Run with Gavin. Hopefully get him to a point where he will run the Homecoming 5k with me. Not yet. 
17. Start and finish a puzzle. Not yet. 
18. Eat breakfast food more often. Eggs for dinner have become a staple. 
19. Watch The Wizard of Oz more often. Twice this month! And a Judy Garland documentary for good measure. 

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