Monday, August 13, 2018

Bye (for now) (maybe)

Hi everyone.

I am going to take a blog break. I have a lot going on, and trying to sort through everything is stressing me out. I am going to take a planned, scheduled vacation from blogging. I will come back in January 2019. Maybe. I'm not sure right now. Let's see how this break goes.

If I miss it, I'll be back next week. Cause you know...I make up the rules as I go along.

For those concerned about my NYE resolution, I will make it to 250. That goal may have been a little low.

Have a good remainder of summer, fall and winter! I'll see you next year (maybe) (or sooner).

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

July NYR update

Hi! As you may remember (or maybe not), my New Years Resolution was to log 250 workouts this year. I tracked everything I did in July and here are my results!

29 workouts completed (This included 5 two-a-days and 6 rest days)

1460 minutes of working out, or just over 24 hours
On to August!

Total workouts for the year so far: 215

P.S. As soon as I hit 250, I'm done counting. This is annoying.