Monday, June 18, 2018

Running, eating, farmers marketing, hiking, fathers daying

What a weekend! It did so much, but I still managed to binge watch the entire new season of The Ranch, because you know. #priorities

Friday I picked Missy up and we headed to Johnston, Iowa for our June 5k. We randomly picked this run because we couldn't find anything near us when we were both available - June is a crazy busy month! Also, this was a night run which I really wanted to do.

It was SO HOT. This is the before picture, because the after picture was seriously so gross.

The run was a fundraiser for the Johnston library and it started and ended in front of it. So obviously I broke out my Baby-Sitters Club tshirt for the event.

We went and visited Missy's brother after that, and then we went to Fong's to eat. I stepped way out of my comfort zone and shared a crab ragoon pizza with Missy. It was good! I would order it again.

After that we went to our hotel (where we were upgraded to a suite), and then the next morning we woke up early to head to the Des Moines farmers market. It was so massive! Missy bought Dutch Letters, which I have never had but now I am ferociously looking for a way to get more of them into my life. Can I make them? Do any of you make them?

Then we went to look for this bridge I've been obsessed with for like a year. You see, about a year ago one of my coworkers and I were talking about how we are both from Iowa, and how I am always looking for adventures. She suggested the High Trestle Trail, near Boone, Iowa, because it is amazing. So I've been telling Missy I want to go find it, but then once we got to her brother's house and we tried telling him what we were doing the next day we realized 1. I had no idea what this bridge really is. 2. It's really a bike trail and 3. It's not even in Boone. But we found it, and it was just fine that we were walkers on a bike trail.

I am very lucky to have a good friend like Missy who is always up for these type of things. We are going to Los Angeles in October (with Ryan and Natalie) and she already found us a hike that will take us right up to the Hollywood sign! I am soooooo excited.

After I dropped her off and went home, I was just done. I laid on the couch and watched all of The Ranch.

Sunday morning was another early one, as we were having Fathers Day breakfast for dad. It was a nice morning!

Quinn got really into my selfie stick for a few minutes, telling herself how pretty she is. I need her to know she is smart too! I can't stand her just thinking she is a pretty face. Yes I know she's only two.

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