Tuesday, June 26, 2018

I need another weekend

What a freaking weekend!
I have been worried about this weekend for months. Mostly worried about how I was going to get everything done and get myself to where I was supposed to be all weekend. I was worried for nothing, everything went off without a hitch.

Friday after work I hauled ass to Ashland for the rehearsal for the wedding I was doing on Saturday. I only knew the bride and groom, which helped me be super bossy and not care what anyone thought of me. Then when that was over, I hauled ass to Council Bluffs for Cole Swindell. I seriously loved the show. Cole is soooo cute and so talented. Plus any night with these fools is highly entertaining.

Saturday I got up, worked out, and then drove back to Ashland for the wedding. Despite the fact that the bride was a little late and the groom forgot the rings, it was so beautiful and everyone seemed so happy. But I have been pretty nervous for it, so I am glad it's over!

Sunday I got up, worked out and then that afternoon I met Nicole in Council Bluffs to pick Gavin up to take him to his first concert, Imagine Dragons!

He was so nervous, and it was so cute. He doesn't do heights well, and we were pretty high up. But as soon as Imagine Dragons hit the stage, his eyes lit up and he was on a concert high until the last song. It was awesome, and I'm so glad to have that memory with him.

The next morning we went to breakfast and then we went to see Jurassic World, which I LOVEEEED. We couldn't get popcorn because of Gavin's braces, but it was still such a good movie (yes, I am one of those people who thinks a huge bucket of popcorn makes movies even better).

I loved my bonding weekend with Gav, and it makes me want to do one with each of my nieces/nephews.

But I have to admit, I slept like a rock last night. Being in charge of keeping someone alive is hard work.

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