Friday, June 29, 2018

DONE with Invisalign!

My Invisalign adventure has finally come to an end! 

It took about 14 months and here are my results:

That one little short tooth on the bottom did not turn and become completely straight. But you know what? I'm fine with that. I'm not perfect, so why should my teeth be? My new dentist said that we can do another refinement stage, but it is still not a guarantee that it will turn to be completely straight. So I decided against it. I am so happy with how they look and the results I got, so let's just quit now, right!? Considering what I started with, I am just happy we were able to use braces to fix it and we didn't have to pull any teeth. How did my bottom teeth get so crowded? Maybe because I still have all my wisdom teeth, but no one has told me I have to get them taken out and I'm certainly not going to ask. 


  1. I just started my Invisalign yesterday and I'm so excited with the result hope it looks like your teeth.

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