Monday, March 12, 2018

Brace Face: the waiting game

I am still waiting for my trays to come in for my next phase of Invisalign. I am assuming it will be in the next few weeks, so I will be starting the revision phase just about a year after starting this whole adventure in the first place - around Easter.

I had a pretty terrible nightmare that Invisalign came back with 33 trays for my next phase of treatment. I had been reading online that a lot of patients had even more trays for their revision phase than they did for their first phase. (I had 28 trays for phase 1). I texted my dentist the next day and asked her to tell me as soon as she had a number so I could put my mind at ease. So I was super relieved when she let me know 14 was the number they came back with. 

When I tell people 14 they are like.."oh boo...that sucks". But I am very happy with it. I don't think there's a lot of movement left on my bottom teeth, but it's fine. I can deal with 140 days of trays again. I will miss chewing gum, though. 

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