Thursday, February 22, 2018

What I'm loving right now

1. Nick and Hannah FINALLY listened to me and started watching Bates Motel. I am rewatching it too, and I'm loving it just as much the second time around.

2. I went and met with a Hy-Vee dietitian last night. I have just been stuck lately in a cycle of starving myself and fueling my body with crap. I needed a reset, and even though I already knew everything she told me, I needed to hear it from a complete stranger who took a list of everything I won't eat (which is a lot, if you know me) and came up with a plan for me. We met for about ten minutes, then walked around the grocery store for about 40 minutes, then we finished with another ten minute talk and she is going to email me my plan. I cannot wait to put all of her good ideas and menu items into action. This cost $62.50 and I think it was worth every penny.

3. It is winter. And it feels never ending. But the idea of spring and summer is keeping me going.

4. I got an Apple Watch a few weeks ago and I am LOVING it. Closing my rings is such a fun game to play. I had worn a fitbit for several years, and I think it was time for a change.

5. My aunt texted me possible dates for her trip home this spring/early summer. I can't wait! I hope we do a ton of RD shopping together.

6. I can't stop looking at this hilarious picture of my nephew eating a donut. Those curls! If my sister ever cuts his hair, I will set her on fire.

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