Wednesday, January 24, 2018

January running

Dude. So Missy wanted to do the whole "12 5ks in a year" thing again. At first I was like, "great...have fun with that..." but then...

Of course I had to get myself involved again. I mean, it's a nice way to keep myself running all year. Also, it's always a fun weekend morning with Miss that usually involves breakfast afterwards.

We kicked off the year last Saturday at Two Rivers State Park in Waterloo. Thanks to the government shutdown, we didn't have to pay to get in. The course was a completely flat, two looper around a lake.

I didn't stretch and I haven't run since...November maybe? So of course I didn't do that well. I have figured out the hard way that I need to stretch A LOT before I run. But it's over, and breakfast afterwards was super delicious.

P.S. Also, yesterday I wore those same shoes and I realized that the bottoms are pretty much completely wore out and my socks actually show through the top. I'm probably going to need to invest in some new running shoes for this year. 

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