Wednesday, January 3, 2018

First post of 2018

Hi. Welcome to 2018 in Jen's world.

I was off work for 12 days at the end of the year. It was awesome. I could definitely stay at home all the time. I loveeee it. I saw some awesome people, did some awesome things, spent some time in my bed and watched a lot of Grey's Anatomy.

I made one New Year Resolution.

1. Log 250 workouts this year.

I kicked if off on New Year's Day (I am really struggling with this right now. Technically, its just New YEAR, as in one year. But everyone says New YearS. It's not several years, it's the switch of one year. But the reason we celebrate January 1st is because of the New Year, so I am saying the day belongs to the New Year, hence New Year's Day). ANYWAY.

I started the new year with a 90 minute kickboxing workout at Farrell's. It was hard AF.

There were so many people on the mat. I got there early to still get my spot in the back, though.

My other New Year promise to myself is that I will continue to hunt and find my precious Rae Dunn items, and I won't let myself get sucked into the RD drama (you have to be a collector to understand what that means). This is my current favorite piece.

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