Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Brace Face: Tray 24

I know y'all are sick of my teeth. I am too.

I started Tray 25 last night. I went to the dentist this week, and we started talking about the bridges getting done. It's going to be a million dollars, and we are switching dental insurance providers at work so we can't be for sure yet exactly how close to a million dollars it will be. So I will know more about that after the new year, I guess. I may have to stretch those out, since I am all on my own paying for this business. Sometimes I wish I had a husband to help with this kind of shiv. Also, my "check tire pressure" light keeps coming on in my car, so it would be nice to have a husband for that, too. 

But I digress. As of right now, my dentist is still thinking I won't need additional trays, so I am scheduled to get all buttons taken off on Tuesday, January 16th. Then I will get molds taken for retainers.

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  1. I had braces for 3 years and when I got them off my mouth felt so big and empty now I have to wear retainers at night.