Tuesday, October 3, 2017

10 Reasons I love Missy

10. She used to say she hates running, but then she started running and before I knew it she was a much, much better runner than I am.
9. She loves puns and is the corniest person I know.
8. She plans and organizes all of our trips and adventures.

7. She knows when I need a distraction or I need something to keep me busy to keep from thinking about stupid boys or just stupid people in general (like Halloween at Worlds of Fun when I was dealing with a breakup).
6. She is always up for an adventure or trying new things (like the 110 story climb on 9/11).
5. She is the reason I hiked in Colorado, ran a Disney race, stayed on the beach in Florida, saw the Hollywood sign and experienced the Memorial Day service at Mount Rushmore.

4. She knows the things I hate and doesn't pressure me to do them (music festivals, any trip outside of the United States), but knows what I secretly want to do and am just too scared, and gives me the push I need (hiking in Colorado when I had a panic attack, going down the Alpine Slide in the Black Hills).

3. She is the most generous person I know, and she cares for her family better than anyone I know.
2. She has seen me through a miscarriage, a neck tumor, my mom's cancer, thousands of boy problems, several new jobs and countless family fights.

1. She (and our friend David) ran like hell and managed to avoid all the gun shots at the deadly Vegas mass shooting during the Jason Aldean show.

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