Monday, October 30, 2017

Don't speak

I have always always wanted to dress up as a mime for Halloween. I don't know why I haven't done it yet. But, finally, on Friday night I did it! There are several pictures of me smiling normally, but do you know what is incredibly ugly? White face paint and invisalign. So here are the pictures where I'm not smiling like a freak.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Me too

The first time I remember getting sexually harassed was in sixth grade. Overnight, it felt like, I grew the boobs I have now. Huge. Not only huge compared to the other flat chested girls in my class, but huge compared to grown woman. I hated them at the time. I hated being different from my other girl friends; I hated having to wear a bra when my friends weren't there yet.

And I hated the attention from the boys in my class. And Jeez Louise, there was a lot of it. I was the first girl to really get boobs, and the boys were obsessed.  They would follow me around asking if they could touch them. One boy asked if he could try to "palm" one of them. I still am not sure what that means.

While the boys were obsessed with them, the mean remarks from girls were just as bad. One girl who I thought was a friend downright bullied me, I realize now. She would follow me home from school just making fun of the fact that I was wearing a bra.

The teachers in school had to have known what was going on. But I didn't say anything to anyone, not even my parents or siblings. What were they going to do? It's not like anyone could make my boobs go away.

With the social media movement last week (woman putting "me too" on their social media if they had, too, been harassed), it got me thinking of that experience as a kid. Of course there was other examples of sexual harassment that I have been through...including one from a much older man in high school in which no one believed me and I even went to the police about...the one in sixth grade is different, though, because I know I should have just stood up for myself. I should have told those boys off, or told on them, or told my dad, or something. Those boys were young, and it was their first experience being disgusting sexist pigs. I'm hoping they changed (I think most of them have).

But this movement on social media has got me thinking about just how unfair it is. As a sixth grade girl, why was I even in the position where I would have to stand up for myself like that? And now, as a grown woman, I can't even go for a run down my street without some guy hollering out me from his car window. Or, when my coworkers and I walk to Walgreens over a lunch break, we get catcalls several times during one five block walk. NOT OKAY. Why are we put in that position where we have to awkwardly ignore those kinds of things? I would be willing to bet that every single day I encounter some sort of interaction where I am uncomfortable with what is going on but I just ignore it, or giggle and walk away, as to protect the harasser from being embarrassed about his behavior.

In high school when I had the issue with the much older man, I was told to just be quiet about it because it would get him in legal trouble and he was foreign. I was 17 and told to let him continue to be inappropriate with me because he would be forced to leave the country. And guess what. I shut up about it. Then, when he started doing the same thing to my sister, I couldn't deal and I went to the police. I'm honestly not sure what happened after that. But again, as a woman, I was told just to deal with it.

This entry is getting away from me. Maybe I should have just left it as this: Me too.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

5 years ago

So, I just looked at my diploma for my MSM degree and realized I received it five years ago. In a way, that seems like a lifetime ago, but in other ways it seems like just yesterday.

One other milestone from five years ago is that it was when I finally decided to start taking care of myself. I lost some weight, starting eating better and started working out. Now I can't even imagine a life where I drink mostly soda, eat mostly fast food and the only physical exercise I got was from walking around a grocery store.

While I am up from my what my weight was in 2012, I still feel like I have some things to be proud of. So I did what any long-term blogger would do...I went back to my entries from 5 years ago, found some pics, and compared them with what I look like now.

5-ish years ago at my parents house vs last night in my living room with a selfie stick

Employee pic from Kaplan vs last weekend 

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Brace Face: Tray 20

So it only took me 20 trays, or 200 days, to realize that the first picture I took was not using the "selfie" mode on my camera - I must have just held it out in front of me and taken the picture. That's odd, as I am the queen of selfies. But while examining my latest comparison pic, I realized my moles were on opposite sides of my face. So this morning I awkwardly held my camera in out in front of me and took an actual comparison photo:

I am so so so so so so so over braces this week.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

2017 Juana trip

I recently got back from a week out with my aunt and uncle, Juana and John, at their home in Vancouver, Washington. It was a lovely week, and we were busy! We did the following things:

  • Went to see Florida Georgia Line - Russell Dickenson and Chris Lane opened for them. Nelly was supposed to, but he ran into some legal issues before the show...#bastard

  • Went to every TJ Maxx, Marshall's and HomeGoods in the tri-state area (looking for Rae Dunn stuff...I will write about this at the later date because I am obsessed).
  • Went to Goodwills looking for BSC books (another obsession) (and I blog about that obsession at
  • We, along with John, went to Seattle for an overnight adventure. We went on an Underground Tour of the city, ate snacks at an Irish pub, went to the top of the Smith Tower, went to dinner at Ruth's Chris, went to the Pike Market, went to the Seattle Aquarium, ate mac and cheese at a cheese place, rode the Seattle Ferry Ferris Wheel, and went to the Unicorn Bar. It was an awesome getaway within the getaway.

  • Did my hair (obvi)
  • We did an escape room, and we escaped! I was SO excited when that final door opened.
  • Ate breakfast at the Grant House (SO GOOD.)

  • Had family dinners at home.
  • Watched movies.
I loved my vacation! I hope John and Juana know how much I appreciate them. 

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Brace Face: Tray 19

I get to switch to Tray 20 tonight!! Officially in the 20's and on the downward end of this adventure!

I am like 98% certain they are going to add trays at the end. That left front bottom tooth is just not moving up. Little bastard.

I was on vacation for most of this tray (more on that later), so it was awkward and frustrating. You know what's gross? Taking your tray out and dealing with your teeth on a three hour plane ride. My neighbor enjoyed the slurping sounds when I removed my tray to eat my free airline cookies, I'm sure.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Woah baby

Look. At. This. Nugget.

My friend Leslie and her husband, Joe, had this babe last week. Jacob Wesley.

I love him.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Brace Face: Tray 18

Who else is sick of my teeth? (girl raising her hand emoji)

I had another dentist appointment during this tray, where she grinded away. I asked her to be honest with me about the possibility of me needing more trays at the end. She told me everyone is different, but I should prepare for needing more. That way, if I don't, it will be a nice surprise. So basically...I will need more. I'm on to your reverse psychology, dentist.

Right now I am on Tray 18 of 28. I did the math correctly (I think) and that means I will be done with the originally prescribed set on January 14th. It seems like forever away, but to be honest this is flying by and I can't believe I am already on Tray 18.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

10 Reasons I love Missy

10. She used to say she hates running, but then she started running and before I knew it she was a much, much better runner than I am.
9. She loves puns and is the corniest person I know.
8. She plans and organizes all of our trips and adventures.

7. She knows when I need a distraction or I need something to keep me busy to keep from thinking about stupid boys or just stupid people in general (like Halloween at Worlds of Fun when I was dealing with a breakup).
6. She is always up for an adventure or trying new things (like the 110 story climb on 9/11).
5. She is the reason I hiked in Colorado, ran a Disney race, stayed on the beach in Florida, saw the Hollywood sign and experienced the Memorial Day service at Mount Rushmore.

4. She knows the things I hate and doesn't pressure me to do them (music festivals, any trip outside of the United States), but knows what I secretly want to do and am just too scared, and gives me the push I need (hiking in Colorado when I had a panic attack, going down the Alpine Slide in the Black Hills).

3. She is the most generous person I know, and she cares for her family better than anyone I know.
2. She has seen me through a miscarriage, a neck tumor, my mom's cancer, thousands of boy problems, several new jobs and countless family fights.

1. She (and our friend David) ran like hell and managed to avoid all the gun shots at the deadly Vegas mass shooting during the Jason Aldean show.