Tuesday, August 22, 2017

A Cable-free Summer (I was published on omahafamily.com!)

Over the fourth of July, I went out of town to go camping with some friends at Rathburn Lake in Iowa. I took my time getting back to Omaha, and was just crossing the river when I got a call from my landlord. She told me they were doing construction on all of the patios and I needed to take my satellite dish down.
Um…what? I asked how long I would be without a satellite dish and she said at least a month.
Um…what? A month without cable? Nope. Not going to work.
I need cable. For so many reasons. The most important being I am a total news junkie and I need to have access to CNN, MSNBC, etc, at all times. However, if there is a time to experiment with a no-cable lifestyle, I suppose the dog days of summer is the best time to try it out. So I called my cable company, suspended my service for six weeks (just to be safe, since I’ve never actually witnessed a construction project stick to a deadline), and started my new life.

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