Thursday, July 6, 2017

Brace Face, Tray 9

I feel like my bottom teeth look better already. Maybe I was just hyper-sensitive last week. They still seem really crowded, and now I'm starting to stress that they may need to pull one. I have a dentist appointment Monday, so I will ask a million questions.

I've had to take asprin more often with this tray, but other than that everything is pretty much the same. I am VERY excited to switch to tray ten on Saturday and finally hit double digits!

This past weekend was my first camping experience with them - just like when I went on my roadtrip, I felt slightly gross and dirty the whole time, but when I got home I let them soak in denture cleaner and felt a lot better. I am generally kind of a germaphobe, so it's really hard for me to just chill and pop them back in without giving them a good scrubbing - but there's only so much you can do on  boat in the middle of a lake.

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