Friday, June 23, 2017

Getting my life together

I'm not sure what happened the other night, but I went into a complete panic mode. Even though I am content with my life, I feel like there is some opportunity to be better. I mean, obviously I am not perfect so there is clearly room for improvement. So I literally just sat cross-legged in the middle of my bed and thought about what I want to improve upon:

1. I want to be out of debt.
2. I want to be at my goal weight. 
3. I want to be in a job I feel really passionate about. 

Okay, so to explore those a little more....

1. Debt. I have some credit card debt, my school loans and my car payment. I have mixed some methods and developed my own, specialized, Jen plan on how to be out of debt in the next 3.25 years. So that one will (very slowly) be crossed off the list.

2. I always pretend I am dieting and working on hitting my fitness/body goals, but am I really? I eat whatever I want. I need to develop a meal plan and stick to it. The fitness part I have down, but really that's not even a part of it.

3. This. A job I feel passionate about. I like my job at Clarkson, but I am just content. I need to figure this out.

I turn 37 next month, so I have set a goal of having all of this figured out by the time I'm 40. So July 2020. Does anyone have some helpful advice? Hard truth advice? Previous experience advice?

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