Monday, June 26, 2017

Fire, Friends, Junk-tion, Hiking and Bingo

This weekend was jam packed. When I crawled into bed last night, I thought about how wonderful the weekend was, and how it was almost perfect.

Friday after kickboxing I went out to a friend's house for some food, fire and bonding. I love sitting around a fire. Have I ever mentioned that?

Saturday morning I got up and drove to my sister's and we went on a walk, and then we picked up mom and grandma and went to some yard sales and PJ's version of Junkstock. It actually was pretty awesome, and we got some good deals. We spent a long time picking stuff up and transporting it, and then we had some homemade pizza at mom's. I finally went home after that, and spent the evening cleaning and organizing and got completely sucked into 40-Year Old Virgin on TV. While the edited version obviously lacks a little something, I still was pretty entertained by it.

Sunday morning Missy picked me up and then we picked up Katie to go to Platte River State Park for some hiking. It was really awesome and a great work out. I was a little nervous that we were never going to find our way out of the wilderness, but we eventually did.

I have decided wearing a bandana is my new thing. 
After that, Kate came to my apartment with some of my goods, and then I hightailed it to bingo for the very last time. Apparently they weren't making enough money to continue with it, however, I feel like I could have helped them figure out a way to continue. Mom swears they are going to start having bingo in PJ, but when I ask her where she heard that she just says "they told me". "They" is some woman in PJ. I am not holding my breath. 

I leave the table for one minute and Grandma is all up in my business. 

Now I just have to get through this week and I have a four day weekend where I will get to see the Boone's!! I cannot wait. 

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