Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Memorial Day - Oklahoma City roadtrip

Natalie, Ryan, Missy and I headed to Oklahoma City for our annual roadtrip. We left Saturday morning and got back Monday night around 1030pm, which was way late for my brittle, old bones, so I am still trying to get my life back together.

As usual, we crammed a lot of touristy things, laughs, Ryan's farts and good food into the three days we were together.

First stop was the Equality House in Wichita, Kansas. The Westboro Baptist bullshit haters house is across the street, but I don't want to post a picture of that. 

Ryan and I were very excited about the Eisenhower museum. Natalie and Missy, not so much?

We stopped to see this Indian statue. 

We stopped at the Oklahoma State and Oklahoma campuses to stalk their football fields. 

Giant soda pop, beautiful sunset on Route 66.

Mickey Mantle statue in Oklahoma City. 

Route 66 museum.

Cowboy Museum. 

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Brace Face - Tray 5

Day 1 of Tray 5 was no fun. Are you noticing a trend here? I whined about it on Instagram and posted this photo, and Invisalign (the company) commented and told me to stop whining. JK, they told me the pain means it's working. Which I already knew, but just let me whine, Invisalign.

Tray 1 on top, Tray 5 on the bottom

I changed trays on Saturday, and it was a rough day. I went to dinner that night with friends and I was pretty uncomfortable. But, as usual, as they get looser it gets easier. Yesterday I had bad headaches all day, but I think it's because I stared at spreadsheets and reports all day long and barely moved from my desk. 

Even though I have 23 trays left, I feel like this is going fairly quickly. I'm pretty happy with the way things are going so far. 

I also made my first payment. I was able to finance all this, and I have two years to get it paid off without interest. 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

I just don't get it

I just don't understand why things happen the way they do sometimes.

God must have his reasons.

This morning, a co-worker, who I didn't get the chance to know very well but what I did know I loved, died. She was 49.

Six weeks ago she was flying past my office with her beautiful dark hair, on her way to the kitchen to make her oatmeal. Whenever I hear the hallway door open and hear keys rattling on someone's hip, I think it's her.

A diagnosis of lung cancer and a life-sucking brain tumor later, and she's gone.

I just don't get it.

I never told her how beautiful her hair was. I wish I had.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Weekend roommate

Nick came in on the train this weekend, and I didn't realize how much I miss him until I had to take him back to the train station on Sunday morning. But a lot happened between pick up and drop off, so wipe those tears, sensitive Sally.

Friday night I picked him up around 1030p from the train station on 9th and Pacific. I would be lying if I said I felt completely comfortable there. But I would also be lying if I said the people watching wasn't spectacular. We went home and watched some tv and then went to bed. We had a big day the next day, plus we are both old and go to bed early.

Saturday we got up nice and early and went to Shirley's Diner, one of my Omaha favorites, for breakfast. Then we headed to Midland for graduation. A lot of "my" students were graduating, along with our good friend Matt, who we lovingly refer to as MB3. After that, we went back to Omaha to run some errands (Target, Husker Hounds) and then we went to Nick's little sister's graduation party.

It is so weird to me that I have known Bekki and Hannah their entire lives. I remember the first time I ever saw Bekki, at Roosenblatt Stadium for a baseball game. Dan and Lisa couldn't take her out of Nebraska when she was brand new.

Anyway...after the party, we went to dinner with Mama Jan and Dick at Maria's, where I had one margarita and got wasted. Then we went to Hy-vee so Nick could get some good beer to take home with him, and then we went home for a rest. But only a small rest, because then we were on the go again to meet MB3 and the rest of the Midland people for some drinks and merriment.

THEN we went home. And then at about 445am we got up and headed to the train station and I got sad.

After I dropped him off I napped a little bit, and then went to church with Nicole's family. After that, we had a Mother's Day brunch for my mom, aunt, grandma and sister.

And of course, because I suck, I didn't take a single picture with Nick this weekend. But here's one of me and Paul.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Brace Face - Tray 4

I hurt today. Tray 4 hurts.

My changes aren't huge, but I can tell things are moving.
Day 1 on top, Day 31 on the bottom

Day 1 vs Day 31
I can tell things are moving on the bottom. My little teeth that were hiding behind others are starting to poke forward.

Anyway, like I said, tray 4 is rough. Today is Day 1 with it, so I knew it would suck, but it sucks further back in my mouth rather than just up front where it did with the other trays. 

I had my first follow up appointment the other day, and my dentist was happy with how things looked. She did use a little grinder and "shave" my teeth a little. I could definitely go the rest of my life without ever hearing that sound again, but she told me more would be coming in my future. Awesome.  

Monday, May 8, 2017

Boone weekend at the compound

What a lovely, lovely weekend.

Friday I left work early and headed east to the compound. I stopped in Des Moines (tacos, duh), and got to Nick's around 7pm. It was just him and Cooper at home for the weekend, since Hannah and Chandler came to Omaha for her brother's baby shower.

Everyone knows Chandler and I are kindred spirits, but I was actually pretty excited to have some quality time with Coop this weekend. And Nick, of course. We ate dinner, and Cooper went to bed since it was pretty late (after downloading a ton of new games on my ipad, of course), and then Nick and I watched a scary movie that kept me up all night long.

Saturday we got up, and I took Cooper to soccer while Nick went to work. Being a soccer mom probably is not in my future, but I think I did a pretty decent job of making friends and yelling. After that, we met Nick for lunch at Subway, where Coop tried his first Subway sandwich and realized they are amazing. Then Nick went back to work for the graduation ceremony, and Cooper and I ran home, changed, and then went to the ceremony ourselves.

After that we went to HyVee to get him and Chandler fidget spinners, and then we finally went home and my single-mom life was done. I think I did a pretty good job of keeping him alive all day.

Cooper and Nick went fishing for awhile, and I got a little workout in. Then, we all went to this place, River Rock Cafe, for dinner. It was really busy, but totally worth the wait. The pork tenderloin was bomb, the cheeseballs were bomb, the steak fries were bomb.

After dinner, we walked a little bit around the river, and then went home to have a fire pit and roast marshmallows and make s'mores. Sitting around a firepit is my favorite thing in the world to do.

Sunday I got up early and headed home to have a birthday lunch with my sister, and then went to bingo with Gram, of course. I feel a little unorganized and like I need to get my life together, but it was a perfect weekend so I wouldn't change a thing.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Brace Face - Tray 3

I switched to my next tray on Sunday afternoon. 2 down, 26 to go!

Day 1, Day 21
I am only 1/14 of the way through this process, but I feel like I'm an expert already. Before popping my new tray in on Sunday, I smoothed out all the rough edges and took a few tylenol. It was super tight, but I love knowing that I'm getting straighter teeth and it's doing what it is supposed to be doing. On Sunday, I took tray 28 out and compared it to tray 2, which I was putting back in the container and marking as done (the dentist told me to save them...I don't know why? It's kinda weird). I love the idea that my teeth will look like that by February! (I math isn't great.)

Some new things I've noticed this week -
1. I can now pop them in and out without looking in a mirror.
2. I am going to have to just give coffee up completely. I am not supposed to drink hot things with them in (or really anything other than water), and I don't drink coffee fast enough to finish it during my breakfast.
3. I take my trays out for about 45 minutes a day. Yes, I added. Some days, like last Friday night at the volleyball fundraiser, they were out longer. But I think I'm doing an okay job on that front.
4, Chapstick has become my main squeeze. It kind of was before, anyway, but now I feel like I need it all the time.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Weekend minutes

It was one of those weekends where I felt like I had a lot going on, but I also managed to watched like ten episodes of Veep, so I must have found some spare time there sometime. Probably because I did not work out once.

Friday night I left work a little early to take stuff to our graduation venue, then I ran home, changed, then drove the 45 minute journey to Fremont. I had not been there in a few months, and the last time I went I didn't drive, so I was convinced I wasn't going the right way. I listed to my new obsessive podcast, Up and Vanished, during the drive.

I was going back to my old stomping grounds, Midland University, to attend a fundraiser for volleyball. Nick's little sister, Hannah, is attending school there so I went to fill a spot at the Boone Family table.

Also, I was reunited with some of my old coworkers and catching up with them filled my heart with something I didn't know was missing.

I miss my old team at Midland so much. I am really happy at Clarkson and I like my job, I just miss my girls. And Paul sometimes.

Saturday morning I had to work; we had Clarkson's graduation ceremony. The entire thing went perfectly. I kept waiting for a mishap, but nothing happened. It was glorious. After that I did my grocery shopping, laundry, food prep, etc, and managed to watch an entire season of Veep, and I also watched a bunch of serial murder stories.

Sunday I had brunch with the girls (Emily, Missy and Katie) and then went home to watch more Veep before heading to Glenwood. As part of the alumni board, I had to go to the awards ceremony for the high school seniors. We were giving out five scholarships. I really wanted to grab each of those seniors and ask them one billion questions about what they are doing with their lives after leaving GHS, but I realized it wasn't my business and their parents might get weirded out by that, so I just left.

Then I went home and watched more Veep. I need the weather to get better so I quit watching so much television.