Friday, April 21, 2017

Brace Face - Tray 2

Well, I survived my first 10 days with Invisalign. Last night I switched to Tray 2.

The first two days weren't fun at all. My top tray went on just fine, but putting my bottom tray on hurt every time. Of course, my bottom teeth are way more jacked up than my top. I would get the back teeth lined up, but then sliding it down on my front teeth hurt bad.

I also experienced some discomfort with the trays rubbing on the inside of my mouth. I used a nail file to smooth them out, and then it was just fine. On day three, everything seemed to change. I was good. It didn't hurt anymore, and getting them on and off were no trouble at all.

I am eating less and drinking less soda, since I have to take them out to do both. I was a bit nervous about eating out with these things, but that was pretty easy too. I just snuck to the bathroom right after I ordered, then snuck back after I got done. These things have really helped with my evening snacking problem, also, since I do not want to deal with taking them out again to snack.

Last night I switched to my second tray right before bedtime, and I'm a little tight/sore today. It's not a bad as I was thinking it would be, though. Even though you can't see anything yet, I can certainly feel that things are changing.

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