Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Brace Face - Day 1

My bottom teeth have bothered me for a long time, but I knew I didn't want to walk around with braces. I was kind of interested in Invisalign, but assumed it wouldn't work for me.

With my new insurance I needed to find all new doctors, so I found a new dentist that seemed very holistic and advertised about "pain free dentistry". Obviously I am a giant wimp, so if something says painfree, I am all in. So I made an appointment at Dentistry for Health (you could make the appointment online - even as a new patient - which won even more points for them.)

My first appointment, on March 13th, was just a consultation. I talked to my new dentist about my lack of confidence because of my smile, and she said I would be the perfect candidate for Invisalign. I went in a week later for a cleaning. Then I went in to fill two cavities. Then, just two days after that, I went in to get the molds and pictures done to send to Invisalign.

Of all the appointments, getting the molds done was the most uncomfortable I had been in that chair. The way they shoot the material into your mouth can only be described as a caulk gun, and it's pretty disgusting. Then when they try to pull the molds out of your mouth - YIKES. It didn't hurt exactly, but I was fairly certain they were going to rip all of my teeth out. But before I knew it, they were done, and my digusting molds and pictures were sent off to be analyzed. I was told they would call me in 3-4 weeks when they got everything back.

So imagine my surprise yesterday, just ten days later, when I got the call everything was in and I could come in later in the day. I set an appointment to go there over my lunch break, and I got SO EXCITED to start this new process!

When I sat down at 1230p, my dentist immediately set to work putting "buttons" on several of my teeth. Basically, these were little teeth colored adhesives to attach to the trays. This process was uncomfortable, but not painful. Then we popped my first set of trays in (TIGHT, but okay) and I was sent out the door with boxes and boxes of my 28 sets of trays. I wear each tray for 10 days, so I was making a 280 day commitment.

The rest of the afternoon was weird. I felt like I was constantly pushing and prodding my trays with my tongue. I have never been more aware of anything. I had trouble talking. I went to kickboxing like usual, but my mouth was really dry and the trays were scratching the inside of my bottom lip, so it wasn't that awesome.

When I got home, I was so excited to take them out for a little while and eat dinner. However, I got them out and my teeth felt so weird with those buttons on! Eating was a challenge. I ate quickly because it felt so weird and I wanted to get it over with. Then I popped the trays back in. A few hours later I got hungry, but there was no way I was dealing with removing them again, so I just laid there hungry.

I have read a lot about these things, and most people say once I get used to them this will be better. I certainly hope so, because so far my less-than-24-hours experience has not been fun.
Brace Face, Day 1

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