Friday, March 3, 2017

5 Things I am Grateful for This Week

1. Farrell's, which kicks my ass every single day. I am back into a really good groove with my working out and I try very hard to go to Farrell's every weekday, even if it means I have to go to the 6:30p class.

2. The Glenwood Alumni Association. I am a relatively new member, but in the short time I have been there I have gotten so pumped about helping out my hometown and my high school. The people on the committee are all really great to work with, and I've gotten to know and communicate with so many people.

3. Mom's hip replacement surgery on Tuesday went really well, although she is in a lot of pain now. But I assume when you get your natural hip taken out and a metal one put in, I imagine it doesn't tickle.

4. Me, Nicole and Kate have talked every day this week. I am sure they don't know how much that warms my heart.

5. Finally, I tried therapy this week. I get some free appointments through my insurance at work, and I was feeling very anxious and overwhelmed, so I took advantage of one. I absolutely loved my therapist. The last time I tried therapy was back in 2007-ish, when I was working to get over someone. The lady did not help me at all, but I rescheduled with her anyway. She told me she would call me at a certain time - like Saturday at 4pm - to check in on me between appointments. She did not call, and I got really mad and called and cancelled my second appointment. Then I got a bill for it anyway! I have had a really bad taste in my mouth since then, but I'm glad I tried again because I already feel better.

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