Thursday, February 23, 2017

Wellness check - Weeks 15 and 16

Sorry I missed last week. I was off on Friday and had stuff going on, and the days have just been flying by. However, there is basically no news to report.

I am down .7 of a pound since week 14. Two weeks and less than a pound lost! NOT GOOD.
2.4 pounds to go towards March 1st goal - probably not going to happen!
16.2 pounds to go towards October 19th goal - this will still happen.

I mean, obviously I know what I am doing wrong. I had tacos twice last weekend. I had popcorn at the movies. But also, I'm old and the pounds just don't fly off like they used to.

I need to just refocus, which I have done this week. When I got back from Nick's on Sunday, I was actually 1.5 pounds up from where I was this morning. So I am actually just relieved I was able to reel it in and get back to where I was at this equal with last week's weigh in.

This week will be better.

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