Thursday, February 2, 2017

Wellness Check - Week 13

Down 1 pound from last week
February goal - check!
17.2 to go for October goal
March goal - total of 16 pounds loss - 3.2 pounds to go

Well, clearly from the numbers above, my weigh in yesterday morning went well! I am very happy I hit my Feb goal, and am excited for March's, even though I am terrified again.

Just a few more goals I have set for this month -
1. Attend kickboxing/strength days more often. I go pretty regularly, but sometimes I get distracted and just go to the gym instead so I can be closer to home and start earlier. But I definitely work harder when I have a coach/instructor at the front of the room pushing me.

2. Work at getting more good, pure proteins in my diet. I've gotten pretty lazy and have been eating a lot of red meat and protein powder - time for the goods again (chicken, turkey, etc).

So, to recap - I am 12.8 total pounds down. And tonight is TGIT, so basically my life rocks right now.

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