Monday, February 6, 2017

Me-time, movies and bingo

This weekend was amazing and exactly what I needed to reset my life.

Friday night I rented Florence Foster Jenkins from Redbox (Meryl is nominated for best actress) and worked on some low-carb recipes that I didn't end up liking and just threw away. But at least I tried!

Saturday I went to see Lion (Best Picture nominee and SO GOOD), then met my sister's for lunch at Ruby Tuesday (finally got to use my gift card) and then went home and meal prepped, worked out and played Nintendo all night. It was AWESOME. Then I went to bed and finished reading my JFK book. Seriously, sounds nerdy and boring, but I was so so happy.

Sunday I went to see Moonlight (Best Picture nominee, I didn't really enjoy it) and went to the library. Then I went to bingo and finally won! It was only $10, but it basically paid for my evening and my grandma entertained the hell out of me all night.

I went home after and watched the last 8 minutes of the Super Bowl, then went to bed with my new book about Debbie Reynolds.

I feel relaxed, happy and ready to take on the week! Happy Monday, folks!

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