Thursday, February 23, 2017

Another weekend at the compound

I spent this past weekend with Nick's family on the compound, but I did not take a single picture. What the hell?

Anyway, I took Friday off so that I could get some things done in the morning and really take my time getting to Mount Pleasant. I left Omaha around 1p, so I could actually get there right about the time they were all getting home and spend the evening with them. Also, so I could run through Taco Casa in Des Moines and bring dinner for us all.

I got there and we ate, and Chandler gave me an amazing valentine. (A rock. It's pretty.) Then we sat down to play some board games. We started with Sorry, and then moved on to Life, which is RIDICULOUS. The game has changed from when I was a kid, and I HATED it. So then we played Sorry again.

Saturday the boys had swim lessons, and then we hung around at home for awhile. Hannah, Chandler and I went on a walk because the weather was amazing. It was nice to see their neighborhood, even though I hate everything about it and want them to move home already. After that, Nick and I took Coop and Chan to see The Lego Batman movie and to dinner at BDubs. Nice little night out!

Sunday I got up and played some more games of Sorry with Chandler, and then I needed to leave because I was holding up their day - Cooper and Chandler were itching to get to Walmart to spend the money Grandma Achenbach sent in their valentines. I stopped for tacos on the way home, too (shut up, don't you dare judge me).

I got home around 230p, and found out I can get all my laundry and my food for the week prepped in 90 minutes. That's pretty amazing!

I loved my weekend with the Boone's, but I'm really ready for them to be closer to me. I can handle a 2.5 hour drive, but this 4 hour crap is for the birds.

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