Thursday, January 26, 2017

Wellness Check - Week 12

I actually weighed in yesterday - since my January goal was to lose 4 pounds by Feb 1st, I want to weigh in next Wednesday (Feb 1st), so I weighed in this Wednesday instead. Most of you won't think that is a big deal, but when you have "weighed in" and documented pounds, you get it. Weigh in day is a big deal, and sometimes in the fucked up mind of a dieter, you feel like you are cheating if you weigh in on a different day. So I wanted to be up front about that.


Down .7 this week
.2 to go towards Feb 1st goal
18.2 to go towards October 19th goal

On Saturday I had a bit of an off day. Normally I let myself have one good solid cheat meal a week (or "fun meal" as my gym calls it), and typically that meal is on Saturday or Sunday. Saturday my sister and I had plans to eat at Ruby Tuesday (where I always just get the salad bar, so that wouldn't be my cheat meal) and then go shopping. However, the Ruby Tuesday on 168th and Center closed (WTF WHY DIDN'T THEY CALL ME) so we were trying to find somewhere else to eat out there. We decided on Oscars, because I haven't eaten there in forever and everytime I drive past it I die a little inside because I want it so bad. So I decided to just let that be my cheat meal and planned on not eating the rest of the day. happens, as it so often does, and a few drunk texts from Missy later, I was picking up those fools from a beerfest and taking them to Varsity to eat buffalo chicken pizza. So I just marked Saturday up to a total lost and have worked this week at getting my bloat back down.

So yes, it was a bad food day, but situations like that rarely happen. And everything was SO FREAKING delicious, so I'm fine with my life.

So next Wednesday I will weigh in, but I have a very important event that day, so I won't write about it until Thursday again. Cheers.

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