Friday, January 27, 2017

Nine lives

They say cats have nine lives....which may mean they come close to death and come back from it nine times during their life. But this got me thinking...what if you could have nine different lives, as yourself? What "lives" would you want?

Life 1: A celebrity. With all the fixings...breakout role that pushes you to the a-list, million dollar salaries, stars on the walk of frame, handprints in cement, sex scandal, breakdown, rehab, comeback.
Life 2: Professional athlete. Specifically, a boxer/fighter. ("99 Problems and a Bitch Ain't One" would be my walk out music.)
Life 3: A teenager in the 1950's. Poodle skirt, courting, pinning, holding hands in parked cars and feeling scandalous about it.
Life 4: A stay at home mom.
Life 5: A Pulitzer award winning journalist.
Life 6: Lead singer in a rock band. All of my other band members would be dudes, ala Gwen Stefani with No Doubt. Except our music would be more rock.
Life 7: Chris Pratt's wife (sorry, Anna Faris, you out.)
Life 8: President of the United States (apparently anyone can do it these days)
Life 9: Exactly the life I have now.

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