Thursday, December 15, 2016

Wellness check - week 6

This week - down half a pound
Progress towards Jan 1st goal of 8 pounds - .6 to go
Progress towards October 19, 2017 goal of 30 pounds - 22.6 pounds to go

I am ecstatic with my loss this week. I was expecting to gain. We had our holiday party at work on Monday, and there was so much food it lingered into Tuesday. That, along with the frigid temps that have made me EXTREMELY lethargic and opposed to going to the gym, was sure to equal a gain. I was scared to even weigh in this morning, and I almost didn't. But I did, and I'm so relieved.

Friday night we have our major holiday party at work, and the menu is BANANAS. I think that should be my only main obstacle this week.

I just NEED to stay motivated to work out, but it is so hard when it's this cold - I just want to be home on my couch under a blanket.

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