Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Santa, Aksarben and Candied Nuts

On Saturday night I got to play Santa!!

Most of you probably know that my dad is obsessed with Christmas and decorates his house to the nines each year. You probably also know that he dresses as Santa on the weekends in December and hands out candy canes. It's become part of Glenwood's history, and people are bananas about it. 

On Saturday, he had a birthday party to go to and needed someone to cover for him. Normally my brother does it, but I yelled dibs and the next thing I knew, I was wearing three winter coats (under the Santa coat) and standing in front of his house. 

It was SO MUCH FUN. Even though it rained/snowed the entire time, I didn't care. I was soaked to the bone at the end of the night, but I barely noticed because I was having so much fun greeting people, turning down donations and maybe dancing a little bit. 

Also, I had some visitors! 

So much fun.

On Sunday, I met Missy and we went to the Aksarben holiday fair. I love this fair (we go every year), even though I never buy anything but candied cashews and almonds. 

I was dragging on Sunday, so I went to bed right after bingo (which I didn't win at...again) but then I was dragging all day Monday, too. I think I need some quality time with my electric blanket soon. 

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