Friday, December 2, 2016

Crash cycle

When Natalie, Ryan, Missy and I went on that ghost hunt back in October, we were on a big school bus with the rest of the tour. The tour leader was talking (a lot) (like a LOT) into her microphone, and I was mostly tuning her out, but one thing registered in my head and I haven't been able to forget it.

She said that every 8 years, a person goes through a traumatic life experience.

Now, there are a lot of things to question here. 1. What can be defined as a traumatic life experience? 2. If this truly happens, then wouldn't everyone experience these things at the same age? Like everyone would have their first traumatic experience at 8 years old, then 16, then 24, then 32 and so on? (yes, I needed a calculator there).

I may be over thinking this, but it has me pretty worried. Because if number two is not really the way it goes, and its just a rough estimate of eight years, then something is going to happen to me soon. Because eight years ago is when everything came crashing down around me - I miscarried, I sunk into the worst depression of my life, and I got laid off from my job (for the first time). That is as close as I have come to traumatic - sure, I have had hiccups since then (two more lay offs, a tumor) but nothing was as bad as Fall of 2008 - that was the lowest, most traumatic I have went through.

So what is going to happen? Eight years passed in September since the miscarriage, and it was eight years in October since the lay off.

I am really hoping this lady was talking out of her ass and this isn't a true fact. I have googled the shit out of it and not found anything that justifies her claim. In fact, everything I have found just says that basically a person changes who they are every seven years.

Okay so seven years ago....December of 2009. I was 29, I was just starting at Kaplan and getting my foot in the door in higher ed. My personal life was a mess, but I had really good friends who helped me through it. Coming off two lay offs, I was insecure and scared of pretty much everything. I was still driving a beat up ol' pickup truck, because I didn't feel financially secure enough to buy my own car.

Today - I have accepted my personal life and choices, and I love it. I am no longer scared of layoffs or money, because whatever. Everything settles eventually. I have taken charge of my health and have found a love for working out. I feel better about everything all of the time. I love every aspect of my life and my routine. I have bought two cars since then, but still aren't feeling financially secure enough to buy a house (but that also may be because I don't want to deal with mowing my own yard and scooping my own drive).

I'm going to choose to NOT believe Ghost Lady's claim, because well, it sucks.

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