Thursday, November 17, 2016

Week 2 wellness check-in

Progress since October 19th: 5 pounds down
Progress towards December 1st goal: 1 pound over goal
Progress toward long term goal: 25 pounds to go

There are so many non scale victories this week that can't be shown by a number on the scale. I have been working out so hard. I have been making good food choices. I haven't been eating all the crap food. I have been doing things I've never done before at the gym, and pushing myself further than I thought I could.

Since last week's weigh in, I have achieved "Very Active Days" on my work fitness challenge every single day. It was a secret goal of mine to not just achieve "Active" days, I needed the "Very" in front of it.

For my next check in, I am moving it to Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving. I won't be home, so I want to get it done before I head to Glenwood for a few days.

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