Friday, November 11, 2016

Thursday wellness check (on a Friday)

Of course I miss the first Thursday I say I'm going to do weekly wellness checks. I was at a conference all day yesterday, and then I was really busy from the minute I got home until the minute I sat down to watch Grey's Anatomy. And then How to Get Away With Murder. So obviously I couldn't be bothered to blog.

Here is how my weigh in checks went this week:

Total change since October 19th: -4.7 pounds
Progress to short term December 1st goal: .7 over goal
Progress to long term 30 pound goal: 25.3 pounds to go

I'm very happy with how this is going, but I do have TWO more thanksgivings between now and December 1st. I do really well during the week, and then tend to go off the rails on the weekends. I'm going to focus this weekend on reeling it in, while still living a fabulous and fun life.


  1. Nice work, Jen. :)
    Week days ROCK for me too. Weekends? BLOW IT! Same, same.
    Here's to getting our shit together, together.

    1. Dude I feel you. I food prep, workout like a maniac, drink plenty of water...on the weekdays. Then on the weekends I'm like a kid whose parents left her home alone for the weekend.

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