Monday, November 28, 2016

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God, I love four day weekends.

But God, I went off the RAILS during this four day weekend.

The four day weekend started off innocently enough. I left work and went to kickboxing and worked out super, super hard, hoping to negate some of the toxins I was going to put in my body later.

I went home to shower and pack, and I got texts from both Vinton girls saying they were on their way to the bar. Um, what? Vinton girls, on time for something? I kicked it into high gear, because not only was I 1. still in Omaha, but 2. literally had just stepped out of the shower.

Well, I rushed to Glenwood, not even stopping to eat (bad decision), stopped at Nick's mom's house to see the kiddos (and Nick and his parents, I guess), then stopped at my sister's house to drop off stuff for Thursday, and I still managed to beat the Vinton's to the bar. Some things never change. And it would be disappointing if they did.

Something else that didn't disappoint was a Thanksgiving-eve out in my most favorite town in the world. I drank too much, spent way too much money in the jukebox and saw so many of my most favorite people. I didn't take any pictures at all, but I managed to steal these from Amy's snapchat.

Thanksgiving morning I woke up and felt absolutely fine, which was shocking. But I wasn't about to argue. I just put on my ugly christmas sweatshirt and headed to my parents house.

I seriously love that sweatshirt too much. I wish I was wearing it right now. I was feeling fine, except I was exhausted (seriously, at 36 I am way too old to be hearing "last call" at a bar) so I took advantage of some quiet Quinn snuggle time.

We watched Mighty Ducks 1 and 2 and she slept, and I let my eyes relax.

After dinner we did the annual lighting, and of course it was amazing.

I love this part of the yard, where the music plays and the lights dance.

On Friday I got up, took coffee to Nicole and Eric who have had a rough couple days (Alex had to have surgery on his mouth/throat and is on a liquid diet for three weeks....I think I'll be avoiding Glenwood until mid-December.) and then went to Nick's to see the kids (and Nick, Hannah and his parents). I watched the first half of the Nebraska game there, then went to my mom's and turned the game off, but of course my step-dad had to turn it back on because Black Friday is the one day of the year he gives a shit about football and is suddenly the biggest Iowa fan in the world (not that I was annoyed) (I'm still very fucking annoyed).

We had dinner, and then I went back home and collapsed. So much sleep.

Saturday I was supposed to ring the bell for the Salvation Army outside Hy-Vee, but I went there and there was no one ringing before me. The email I got said to check in at the Hy-Vee customer service desk, but they knew nothing. I didn't know what to do, so I just kind of creepily hung out the bell area, but finally got frustrated and left. I was so disappointing, as I was really excited to do this. I guess I know why they are constantly looking for volunteers - I know I won't be signing up again.

Anyway, so I met Kate and we went shopping and then went to lunch instead. After we separated, I went off the rails - I went to Hy-Vee again and bought a million dollars worth of food, and then I snacked the rest of the day and watched movies. I don't know what came over me. Then on Sunday I got up, watched movies and snacked all day again!

As much as I love four day weekends, I am relieved to be back on a normal routine. Here's to reeling it back in!

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