Monday, October 31, 2016

Weekend spooks

This weekend was full of scary activity:

  • Ryan, Natalie and I went to Riverwest Park (Riverpark West? Park Westriver? Not sure.) to watch scary movies around a campfire. The movies were really really terrible, but the s'mores were good and the company was even better. This was scary because: 1. scary movies 2. nighttime 3. Ryan's farts and 4. crazy ass clown running around.
  • Saturday I got up, ran a ton of errands and then headed to Glenwood to host my sister-in-law's baby shower. This was scary because 1. I hate baby showers 2. It's always super fun when my mom and step-mom are in the same room. But everything was fine and the food was super yummy.
  • That evening, after a BBQ dinner at my dad's, Bill and Kate convinced me to go to a haunted house with them. This was scary because 1. The actors could smell my fear and would not leave me alone in the line. 2. They learned my name (thanks Bill) and went bananas with it. 3. One particular clown, BoBo, was all about me. 3. And that was before we even got into the house, which was terrifying. 4. Then BoBo followed us to our cars. 
  • Sunday, in the midst of food prep, laundry and cleaning, somehow my Christmas tree got put up. I was just cleaning out the closet that I keep my Christmas stuff in, and suddenly it was a winter wonderland in my apartment. So at this rate I will probably take it down on Thanksgiving because it's annoying me. This is scary because 1. when did i become my mother and 2. when did I become Missy?
  • After that, I went to Bingo with mom and grandma and aunt Tammy and Ryan. Yep, Ryan. This was scary because 1. Ryan met my family, and they are cray. 2. Now mom is convinced Ryan and I should date, only because she wants more grandchildren. 3. Kids are gross.

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